$2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament

$2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament

🎉 💰 Get Ready to Ace the Cards! It’s the $2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament! 🎉 💰

Embark on an electrifying adventure with NitroBetting, where the thrill of the cards meets a treasure trove of $2,500 waiting just for you!

🎰 The Game Plan:

Are you bold enough to conquer the tables? Dive into any of our qualifying games before the clock strikes 11:59pm ET on Sunday, April 14th! Here’s your ticket to the action:

  • 🔹 Provider: Nitrogen Games
  • 🃏 Game Name: Blackjack Eight Deck
  • 🔹 Provider: Nucleus
  • 🃏 Game Name: American Blackjack
  • 🔹 Provider: RTG
  • 🃏 Game Name: Blackjack

🏆 What’s at Stake?

This is your shot at a colossal cash prize! Play any qualifying game before 23:59 (ET) on Sunday, April 14th, 2024, and be in the running for our $2,500 extravaganza!

🌟 The Winning Hand:

All it takes is a real money play in any qualifying game! Top the charts as one of the elite 25 players, and you’ll secure your piece of the $2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament!

💸 The Bounty Awaits:

We’re not holding back! Brace yourself for a total of 25 dazzling prizes, adding up to $2,500 in all its glory! Check out what’s up for grabs:

$2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament

Position 💰 Amount

  • 1st 💲 $700
  • 2nd 💲 $400
  • 3rd 💲 $300
  • 4th – 25th 💲 $50

💥 When Victory Calls:

Mark your calendars! Cash prizes will be winging their way to your account by 12:00 pm ET on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024. Get ready to celebrate your win in style!🎉🎉

Are you in? The cards are on the table, the stakes are high, and the rewards are waiting. Join the $2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament and let the games begin! 🃏 💰 🌟

PositionPlayer IDPRIZE
123990511 mBTC
21985606.4 mBTC
32231294.8 mBTC
42017730.8 mBTC
52138630.8 mBTC
658230.8 mBTC
736170.8 mBTC
81953590.8 mBTC
91958500.8 mBTC
101978170.8 mBTC
112321040.8 mBTC
122088480.8 mBTC
1359210.8 mBTC
1442520.8 mBTC
152426500.8 mBTC
162220280.8 mBTC
1761290.8 mBTC
182424890.8 mBTC
192077050.8 mBTC
202014190.8 mBTC
212681350.8 mBTC
222763330.8 mBTC
232656320.8 mBTC
242853710.8 mBTC
252681390.8 mBTC

💰🎰 Terms & Conditions: NitroBetting’s $2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament! 🎰💰

Here’s the lowdown on the ultimate showdown where you can grab a piece of the $2,500 pie! 🎉💰

Get your game face on! This thrill ride kicks off from 00:00 (ET) on April 11th and wraps up at 23:59 (ET) on April 14th, 2024. It’s your time to shine!

Step into the ring by playing the qualifying games in real money mode. Your ticket to the tournament includes these heart-pounding games:

    🔹 Blackjack Eight Deck by Nitrogen Games 🔹 American Blackjack by Nucleus 🔹 Blackjack by RTG

  • 1 Player with the Boldest Bluff:
    🎲 Landed the biggest losses during the tournament? Congratulations! You’re our top spot winner!
  • 2 The High Roller:
    🎲 Placed the highest wagers (turnover)? You’re next in line for a hefty prize!
  • 3 Master of the Tables:
    🎲 Played the most hands? You’ve earned yourself a sweet spot in the winner’s circle!
  • 4 – 25 The Brave Competitors:
    🎲 Top losers among the daring competitors will also snag their share of the treasure!

We’re divvying up a total of $2,500 in winnings! Take a look at how it all breaks down:

$2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament

Position 💰 Prize

  • 1st 💲 Most Losses – $700
  • 2nd 💲 Highest Turnover – $400
  • 3rd 💲 Most Hands Played – $300
  • 4th – 25th 💲 Top Losses – $50 each

Lucky enough to clinch a win? Your cash haul will be credited with a 30x Rollover. Keep the party going in the casino with your winnings! The rollover will not count on all games, please refer to our site terms and conditions for more info.

Before diving in, make sure to check out our General Terms.

We’re all about the fair game! Any shenanigans, irregularities, or funky business will not fly here. Play it straight, play it cool!

Our decision is law! We reserve the right to withhold rewards until any disputes are settled. When NitroBetting speaks, the game is over!

We’re always revving up for excitement! NitroBetting may tweak or pump the brakes on any promotion at any time without prior notice. Your rights before the change? They’re locked in!

Ready to dive into the thrilling world of Blackjack? Come join us at NitroBetting’s $2,500 Nitro Blackjack Tournament and let the games begin!🃏 💸 🎉