Seth vs Horus

Seth vs Horus

In the scorching heat of Egyptian desert, there is an epic war about to begin. Step into the blazing sun and feel the power coursing through your veins as you decide whether to side with Ra and declare Seth as the most powerful and deserving candidate for the throne, or Shu and make Horus the rightful ruler of the Egyptian land. The weight of the choice is on your shoulders. Choose right and you will be granted riches beyond your wildest imagination and become the hero of the people. Choose wrong and you will sentence the land to an eternity of suffering and pain and walk away with nothing but a heavy heart. The clock is ticking – which god will you choose?

On the reels you will find silver and golden low-paying symbols – each color belongs to one of the gods respectively. And then beautiful colored stones with high-paying symbols together with Wild and Scatter symbol.

The base game is played on 7×7 game grid, winning clusters are created by five matching symbols or Wilds adjacent vertically or horizontally, after winning combination pays out new symbols cascade within the same spin.

The battle between Seth and Horus is the main feature of the game, it involves only minor symbols which are divided into two groups and distinguished by color – silver and gold – each group having 2 types of symbols.

Battle starts when a winning cluster of one kind of symbol in one color is created. The winnings are paid, and all symbols of this kind are removed from the game grid and new symbols cascade onto the game grid. If the second symbol from the same color forms a winning cluster, the winnings are paid and all other symbols with this kind are removed from the set of symbols during the current spin. After this, there are only major symbols and minor symbols of the opposite god on the reels.

If there are no wins with opposite god’s symbols, winning god’s feature starts.

During Seth’s feature, one of Horus’ minor symbols is randomly selected and transforms into Seth’s lowest-paid symbols. All those symbols are expanded both vertically and horizontally.

During Horus’ feature, one of the major symbols is randomly selected during Horus’ feature, all symbols of that kind are expanded once, and if there are available spots, symbols can expand the second time.

When players collect 3 Scatter gems, the Bonus game starts with 8 free spins. After each spin, random 5 symbols on the reels are highlighted. If these symbols are involved in a winning combination, they grant an additional multiplier x2 for this combination only and symbols from the winning combination are removed from the reels.