Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the worlds most famous video poker games. You can use your sportsbook account to play Jacks or Better.

How to Play Poker

Video poker is an electronic version of classic poker. Poker’s one of the first games we learn. It’s fairly simple. From a 52-card deck, players attempt to create two pairs, a full house (3 of a kind and a pair), a flush (all the same suit – diamonds, spades, clubs, or hearts), and 4 of a kind.

Jacks or Better is draw poker. In draw poker, you get 5 cards. You can save any of the cards or redraw all 5 to create a payout hand. In Jacks or Better, payouts start with, you guessed it, Jacks or Better!

Jacks Or Better Game Play

1. Choose coin value: $1.00 to $5.00

2. You can also Bet Min or Bet Max

3. Click Deal

4. Press Hold on the cards you wish to keep

5. Check out the Pay Table to find out how many coins you’ve won

Pay Table – Payout 1

Royal Flush | 800

Straight Flush | 50

4 of a Kind | 25

Full House | 9

Flush | 6

Straight | 4

3 of a Kind | 3

2 Pair | 2

Jacks or Better | 1