Legalization of Online Sports Betting and Casino

The days of only betting on sports in a casino is officially coming to an end since online sports betting is quickly gaining massive popularity. There’s no question that one of the most lucrative businesses in the United States over the past few years is online sports betting.

The government, leagues, teams and betting fans will all benefit from the new legislation that passed in 2018. Although some states have legalized sports betting, many haven’t passed it due to the concern that people will get increasingly addicted to gambling.

This type of thinking fails to register logically since illegal betting has been going on for a long time.

From the professional leagues of the NFL, NBA, and MLB to NCAA football, it is likely that tens of billions of dollars in gambling alone is contributed to the US gross domestic product.

Sports are at the forefront of the entertainment industry and there are many pros in betting.

Lucrative for the Government

Since online betting is so popular, legalizing it can create job opportunities, which will help sustain the economy. Look around the internet and you will see sportsbooks being added almost at lightning speed.

Of course, you cannot forget about the huge gambling industry in Nevada with numerous casinos and the already lucrative bookmakers in the business.

The legalization of gambling helps the government in the form of obtaining taxes from those numerous online betting sites on the internet.

Before legalization, the vast majority of the hundreds of billions of dollars through gambling was untaxed. That changes dramatically, boosting the government’s revenue.

The Process is Safeguarded

With gambling on sports being legalized, it promotes more integrity and strict guidelines. One regulation on the industry is that all companies will be licensed.

The public will become educated and very knowledgeable about betting responsibly.  Since not all areas are yet to have legalized online betting, those that are will be limited with geo-blocking technology, which restricts access to sites based on geographic location.

In addition, sports betting lines will be scrutinized, drawing a red flag to those that are out of the ordinary.

It Will Generate More Interest to Sports

People that like to bet will have more of an opportunity to do so on a variety of sports.

Perhaps the bettor isn’t necessarily interested in a particular sport, but the ability to do so will increase interest in games until his game of choice becomes available.

Leagues will become more popular in general, which will increase the likelihood of some once mundane events to get news and television exposure.

All of this is good for the industry, fans and the economy as a whole.

USA Online Gambling Status

Online betting in the US is based on a state-to-state strategy. This guide is meant to show you what states have legal gambling and what they have to offer.

Online Gambling in New Jersey

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online Sports Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Online Poker

New Jersey leads the market for regulated online sports betting in the US. Over a two dozen legal and licensed online casino sites and poker rooms are part of this huge market that is worth more than $300 million a year.

Online Gambling In Pennsylvania

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched May 2019
  • Online casinos launched July 2019
  • Online poker launched November 2019

Many of PA’s brick and mortar casinos have turned online. Players have the option betting in person or online.

Online Gambling in West Virginia

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched December 2018
  • Online casinos legalized in March 2018 (target August 2020)
  • Online poker legalized in March 2018 (target August 2020)

West Virginia already counts with gambling apps. The enactment of West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act opened the market of online casinos and poker rooms in 2020.

Online Gambling in Indiana

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched November 2019
  • No plans for online casinos
  • No plans for online poker

Indiana launched their legality both in retail and mobile in 2019. They count with more than 10 online sportsbooks.

Online Gambling in Iowa

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched in May 2019
  • No plans for online casinos
  • No plans for online poker

In less than a year, Iowa has moved from zero sportsbooks to over ten. Even with registration required to be in-person, the sky’s the limit. However the signup process is a bit different, you are required to show up in person at the partnered casino. Even though, it’s good news for them.

Online Gambling in New Hampshire

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched in November 2019
  • No plans for online casinos
  • No plans for online poker

New Hampshire received a late Christmas present in 2019. Their first ever online sports betting was opened on December 30. Retail sportsbooks are sure to following in the upcoming months.

Online Gambling in Nevada

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched in September 2010
  • Online poker launched in April 2013
  • No plans for online casinos

Nevada has been on board with sports betting for nearly two decades. So, it’s no surprise that the Nevada was the first to launch an online sportsbook in 2010.

Online Gambling in Delaware

Online gambling scenario

  • Online sports betting launched in June 2018
  • Online casinos launched in November 2013
  • Online poker launched in November 2013

Delaware was one of the first state to launch online sports betting and was one of the first to launch online poker and casino as well.

Online Gambling in Rhode Island

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting legalized in March 2019, expected launch in August 2020
  • No plans for online casinos
  • No plans for online poker

Rhode Island expects to have their own online sportsbook sometime this year. The book will be operating under their Twin Rivers brand, which already operating both casinos in the state.

Online Gambling in Oregon

Online gambling scenario:

  • Online sports betting launched in October 2019
  • No plans for online casino
  • No plans for online poker

Oregon occupies a highlighted spot in US sports gambling history. Why? Because it’s one of the few states outside of Nevada to offer options to bet. So, it makes a whole lot of sense that Oregon is one of the first on the roster to offer online betting.

How Much Revenue Are States Pulling In?

Just a few of legal online betting states are reporting their revenue. Once all the regulations kick in, the numbers will be much clearer.

According to Legal Sports Review, the numbers from July 2018 to January 1, 2020 show that, New Jersey brought in a bold $48 million while Nevada brought in a total of $33 million.

Experts in the industry estimate that 30 million American — 6 million more than 2019, will bet a total of about $7 billion on just the 2021 super bowl.

What Happens Next?

There could soon be many more states where online betting is legal.

Nine states are projected to legalize some form of sports wagers in 2020, while an additional six have laws in consideration that could be passed in 2021.

But for now, you’ll have to visit one of the 14 states above or the District of Columbia to place a sports bet online.

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