Understanding Casino Odds to Maximize Your Winnings

One of the most popular forms of gambling in the world is to bet on casino games. Casino games include table and slot options. For most casino players, making a profit is difficult. One of the reasons is because most casino bettors don’t understand odds for specific games. Keep reading for an in-depth look at casino odds and how to navigate the… Read More

Experience the Best Games and Slots at Nitrobetting Casino this July!

The sizzling summer fun never stops at Nitrobetting Casino, especially with our Nitro Summer Slots Tournament already in full swing. That being said, our massive collection of casino games and online slots continues to draw plenty of casino lovers to the digital floor even outside of our special event, as these titles have picked up a ton of… Read More

Best Gambling Strategies

No sports handicapper, casino bettor, or horseplayer can ensure success without a strategy. Developing and sticking to a betting strategy, no matter our pastime, is the best way to ensure profit. More importantly, it’s the best way to stay out of financial trouble. With that in mind, we’ve written down five sports gambling strategies that you can employ to manage risk and turn a profit. Read More

How Do You Handle Longshot Bets

When it comes to betting on sports, we have to mix favorites with longshots. If all we do is back chalk, there’s no way to turn a profit. This is especially true when it comes to betting on moneylines. Check out the best way for us to handle longshot bets. Best Way to Handle Longshot Bets 1. Bet half your usual unit Spreads lines in… Read More

How Sports Betting Has Evolved Over Time

Like all things, sports betting has evolved over time. The way we bet on sports today doesn’t compare to the way we bet on sports in the past. Also, technology allows us to bet on sporting events that take place in an entirely different time zone on an entirely different continent. The evolution of sports betting is an interesting story. Check out the key points… Read More

The Psychology of Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most brain-intensive exercises we can do. Studying past performances in a horse race, determining outcomes based on statistical information in a football game, and thinking about the strategy a baseball manager will use before they go to the bullpen help our brains. We must use our brains to make winning sports betting wagers. Unfortunately, there’s this thing called emotion… Read More

How to Use Data to Win More Bets

An old sports handicapper saying is, “It’s all in the stats.” The saying derives from the very first sports gambling that ever occurred in the United States, horse race betting. All in the stats means that to find the winning horse, you must just look at the past performances. Things have changed. In today’s sports betting, it’s not always all in the stats. However, stats… Read More

Nitro NFL Survivor Contests Guide

For 18 glorious weeks of pigskin action, the NFL regular season is one heart-pumping thrill ride that football fans will never miss out on, especially when there’s more at stake other than their favorite team’s glory. One popular pastime that fans participate in during the NFL regular season is the NFL Survivor campaign, where a pool of players put their prediction skills to the test… Read More

Feel the Heat in Nitrobetting Casino’s Summer Slots Tournament!

The summer season is finally here, and Nitrobetting has just the thing to keep the online casino action ablaze. That said, we’re proud to announce that Nitro Casino will be holding its Nitro Summer Slots Tournament in the second half of the month of June! It’s time to catch fire on the slots leaderboards, as there’s a total of… Read More

Crypto Trading and Its Associations with Online Gambling

Crypto trading has become big business. Crypto traders make money buying and selling various cryptocurrencies. Although most believe crypto trading is similar to stock market day traders, that’s not true. Crypto trading is more in line with online gambling. Check out the associations that crypto trading has with online gambling. Online Gambling Associations with Crypto Trading 1. Novice crypto traders and online gamblers often fall… Read More