Nitrobetting’s Guide on How to Play Crash Games

There are countless online casino games in our Nitrobetting gaming collection; among them are relatively new additions to the online gaming world in the form of crash games. These games provide a unique spin on the casino betting fun that we’ve come to love and know, and getting started with crash games is as easy as can be. What are Crash Games?… Read More

Managing Risks When Betting with Bitcoin

One of the barriers to crypto adoption is it's volatility. But the volatility in crypto, especially Bitcoin's volatility, is misunderstood. Volatility can be a good thing. When it comes to Bitcoin, volatility affecting each bitcoin can be to your advantage. Check out why volatility surrounding the Bitcoin blockchain isn’t necessarily a bad thing for online sportsbook handicappers.. How to Manage Crypto Volatility When Betting with… Read More

How Smartphones are Transforming Sports Betting

In the past decade, mobile betting has gone from something some of us do to close to one hundred percent adoption. Although mobile betting doesn’t happen for every sports bet, it’s getting to the point where the one-hundred percent mark is in our sights. Almost every sports handicapper bets via their smartphones. Check out why this is true and why we will never return to… Read More

A Look at the Future of Fantasy Betting

Since the early 1980s, many sports fans have participated in fantasy betting. Creating NFL football teams, NBA basketball squads, and MLB teams, is a pastime for many. As sports betting becomes more popular, fantasy sports popularity has as well. This is especially true for fantasy football, which will drive a $47 billion dollar fantasy sports industry by 2027. With that in mind, keep reading to… Read More

Experience the Best Games and Slots at Nitrobetting Casino this August

Things are about to pick up this fall with the NFL regular season on the horizon. Outside of Nitrobetting’s special football contests such as the Nitro NFL Survivor Pools and the Nitro Picks: 1 MBTC Super jackpot, the action over at the Nitrobetting Casino has also ramped up and we’ve come up with a list of the hottest slots and casino games for… Read More

The Growing Popularity of Cryptocurrency in Horse Racing Betting

Horseplayers have begun to step onto the crypto wave. Cryptocurrencies provide advantages to horse racing betting enthusiasts that fiat currency doesn’t. In this blog, we study some of the reasons the cryptocurrency trend is hot with horseplayers. Reasons Horseplayers are Turning to Cryptocurrencies Takeout percentages are rising Takeout is the percentage from each dollar bet on a horse. The specific racetrack determines the takeout. As… Read More

The Psychology of Sports Betting Patterns

The psychology behind betting patterns is too difficult to decipher in a single blog. However, we can discuss how studying betting patterns can lead to more winning sports bets. Betting patterns can point to specific trends that allow us to read the market. Below, we dive deeper into this incredibly profitable skill. How to Use Betting Patterns to Our Advantage Studying betting patterns is a… Read More

The Future of Virtual Reality Casinos

One of the more advanced technologies in the gambling world is the advent of virtual reality casinos. Virtual reality casinos are casinos that present a VR world that exists in what some have dubbed the Metaverse. Read more about immersive gambling in these virtual casinos and how VR gaming is the future. A Glimpse into the Immersive Gambling Experience Casino players step into different worlds… Read More

21 New Games and Slots Arrive on Nitrobetting Casino!

In Nitrobetting’s continued effort of delivering the best online casino experience using crypto, the site is back with another massive batch of new game titles. This time, a whopping 21 new games have arrived courtesy of the site’s most-trusted partners SpinLogic Gaming and Mancala Gaming! 14 new slots are coming to the Nitrobetting gaming library, each packed with entertaining… Read More

The Surge of Women in Sports Betting

One of sports betting’s stereotypes is that men bet on sports and women don’t. The truth is that women have always bet on sports. They just never had an outlet to do so on the regular until 2018 when sports betting started to become more mainstream. See below for a deeper dive into the women don’t bet on sports stereotype as well as trend analyzation. Read More