Predicting Sports Betting Future Trends and Technologies

By Hank Blaine

Like all industries, sports betting isn’t immune to disruptive technological advancements and trends. In some cases, sports betting is at the forefront of disruptive technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. See below for the four top trends and technologies that will shape sports betting’s future.

Top 4 Trends and Technologies that Will Shape the Industry

1. Blockchain and bitcoin betting

Bitcoin betting is both a rising trend and a technological advancement. Blockchain technology creates a safe, decentralized, and anonymous way for sports bettors to fund and withdrawal from their accounts.

Anonymity remains a prized possession in the sports betting industry. Anonymous betting is a trend that won’t go away any time soon. Blockchain tech, especially Bitcoin’s blockchain, makes it capable to remain anonymous while wagering on your favorite team.

2. AI oddsmaking and handicapping

Arena is an artificial intelligence start up that is generating simulations of human behavior. The simulations should help those in the advertising industry better determine where to spend their ad dollars.

If Arena’s AI tech can help the ad industry, it for sure could help determine where players are most likely to put their money. If that happens, oddsmakers will have a powerful tool. If we take it further, AI could help players, especially players that bet a lot of money, find optimal wagers based on odds.

Without a doubt, there’s a place for AI technology in the sports betting industry. We must all keep an eye on how things develop.

3. Esports betting

Esports betting is the fastest segment of sports betting because it’s the fastest growing. It feels like every year there’s an eSports league in development.

The more options, the more players become involved. Esports isn’t going anywhere. In some ways, it feels like Esports is on the path to replacing horse racing as the daily sport to bet.

Like horse racing, eSports matches take place every day and close to 24 hours a day. Unlike horse racing, animals aren’t involved, which means there is no cruelty aspect to Esports.

4. Professional sports investing management

Some have tried. All have failed. Professional sports investing management involves creating a portfolio and managing the portfolio much like a financial manager does for a client at JP Morgan Chase or Goldman Sachs.

For sure, creating a viable sports investing management firm won’t be easy. Ah, but if we’re correct about AI determining both odds and developing systems for sports bettors that are far more advanced than today’s systems at picking winners, professional sports investing management firms won’t be far behind.

The sports betting industry is primed for technological advancements. As handicappers and players we must keep our eyes open and ears to the ground. You never know when the next technological advancement can help us find our next winning bet.

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