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Samurai Gold 2 slot at NitroBetting: How to play and win

By Carlos Chacon

Book another trip back to the Land of the Rising Sun with Samurai Gold 2; the sequel to the well-received debut of the online slot of the same name from the ever-growing gaming library of NitroBetting.

The journey to the digital realms of bitcoin-abundant Japan will be drought with more adversity and surprises than ever before, That being said, find out what’s new in store for aspiring wealth-seeking warriors with the brief rundown on the fundamentals of Samurai Gold 2 below.

What is Samurai Gold 2?

Samurai Gold 2 is the latest release from Concept Gaming; the industry’s leading developer of online casino games that also brought the first Samurai Gold title to the leaderboard of most-played online slots on the market.

Similar to the original game, Samurai Gold 2 makes use of the 3×3 reel format. But in the sequel, the reel-spinning action is literally doubled by having two 3×3 reels spinning simultaneously. This provides more unique gameplay that incorporates possible paylines from both the reels winning independently from one another, as well as altogether!

How does Samurai Gold 2 work?

Stay on the prowl for gold-bordered symbols found anywhere on the reels. Matching three of these gold-bordered symbols on the center win-line will grant the player eight free spins and with more matching gold-bordered symbols awarding even more free spins if four (12 free spins), five (25), or six (50) matching symbols are met.

Take note that there are two separate multiplier values for each of the two reels. However, Matching six gold-bordered symbols will take the left reel’s multiplier value and multiply that with the right reel’s multiplier value as well.

Each of the two reels also brings back the Diamond Line paylines from the original game. Matching four symbols on any of the two Dimond Line win-lines will pay out a three-of-a-kind value and will also increase the multiplier wheel’s value from x2 to x12. If both Diamond Line paylines are hit on a single spin, the multiplier values from both reels will be multiplied with one another as well for a massive payout and multiplier boost.

Where can I play Samurai Gold 2?

Start playing the Samurai Gold 2 online slot at NitroBetting by clicking here. Sign up now for a chance to win tons of bitcoin from Samurai Gold 2 and many more exciting online slots and tabletop casino games here at NitroBetting!