10 Athletes Who Are Big Bitcoin Fans

The year 2019 was huge for sports after several athletes have shown their interest in Bitcoin. Now, the number of athletes that receive a portion of their salary in BTC or crypto continues to rise. NitroBetting shares a list of well-known athletes that receive their salary or a portion of it in Bitcoin while featuring third-party companies that facilitate the exchange.

10 Athletes Who Have Embraced Bitcoin

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Russell Okung (NFL)

Russell Okung struck a deal with the Carolina Panthers to convert half of his $13-million salary in Bitcoin. The offensive tackle became the first professional athlete to take a portion of his/her salary in cryptocurrency. Since then, several professional athletes delved into the world of Bitcoin and crypto payments.

Sean Culkin (NFL)

Tight end Sean Culkin was the first NFL athlete to receive his entire salary in Bitcoin. He was signed as a reserve player for the Kansas City Chiefs in February 2021. A few months later, he became the first NFL player to convert his $920,000 salary to Bitcoin. This paved the way for other football athletes and gave more light to cryptocurrency and its potential in the world of sports.

Saquon Barkley (NFL)

Football running back Saquon Barkley said on the Best Business Show in July 2021 that he would convert 100% of his endorsement earnings to Bitcoin. He also announced that the conversion will be administered via payments company Strike.

Aaron Rodgers (NFL)

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been with the Green Bay Packers for well over 16 years now. And On November 1, 2021, the 38-year-old announced that he will receive a portion of his 2021 salary in Bitcoin. He worked alongside Square Square’s CashApp to convert an undisclosed amount of his 2021 salary to Bitcoin.

Odell Beckham Jr. (NFL)

Odell Beckham Jr. followed suit after Rodgers announced that he will receive a portion of his salary in Bitcoin. The LA Rams wide receiver disclosed in a Tweet that he will receive his new full salary in crypto. Beckham Jr. partnered with CashApp to convert his salary to Bitcoin.

Cade Cunningham (NBA)

Round 1, First Pick, Cade Cunningham negotiated a deal with crypto lender BlockFi that would allow his undisclosed 4-year signing bonus to be converted to Bitcoin. The 20-year-old guard said, “I’m excited to partner with BlockFi to really diversify my portfolio and manage my crypto assets; especially as they become more important in personal finance,” Cunningham also said that the move is “For me, it’s not just about setting up myself for financial success long-term but also to educate future generations on financial wellness.”

Klay Thompson (NBA)

Klay Thompson is the latest NBA star to announce that he will receive a part of his paycheck in Bitcoin. He Tweeted, “I’m BACK and changing it up: excited to take part of my paycheck in bitcoin thanks to Cash App!”. The Golden State Warriors star guard also emphasized that Bitcoin is the future of money, which is expected to help crypto put down roots across more mainstream industries.

Andre Iguodala (NBA)

Thompson is not the only Dubs player to embrace Bitcoin. Finals MVP Andre Iguodala also announced a partnership with CashApp, which converts a portion of his salary into Bitcoin. Furthermore, this was also a move to conduct a million-dollar giveaway in Bitcoin for fans and followers of the Warriors forward.

Shohei Ohtani (MLB)

Major League Baseball player and American League MVP Shohei Ohtani now receives a portion of his salary in Bitcoin. The superstar pitcher partnered with cryptocurrency exchange FTX and serves as a brand ambassador. The 27-year-old athlete also owns an equity stake in the company, making him FTX’s global face.

Trevor Lawrence (NFL)

Even before Lawrence was drafted in the NFL in 2021, the quarterback announced that he made a deal with Blockfolio, which is also under FTX. The deal features Lawrence as one of the first athletes to receive a portion of their signing bonus paid in cryptocurrency. Other than Bitcoin, Lawrence converted a portion of his signing bonus to Ethereum and Solana.

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