2021 World Series Betting Odds (January)

It was quite a year for the MLB. The COVID-19 Pandemic brought in a lot of changes in order to get it going. Reducing the amount of games, moving specific schedules that are usually not moved around, and more. But, in the end, the leagues was able to do what it could with 60 games, crowing the Los Angeles Dodgers as the champions this season.

As of now, the MLB’s plans for 2021 are still on schedule, with the season to begin in April, the usual time frame as any other season. But, as the pandemic evolves, this might change. Considering that, you can start making your predictions and picks for next season.

Oddsmakers have started to publish their odds to win the 2021 World Series, as they always do when the previous season ends.

The current champions, Los Angeles Dodgers, are the top favorites to repeat +450 (9/2). They were close to getting a surprise by the Tampa Bay Rays, but the series ended 4-2. Can they do it? We’ll see with the changes they might implement this season.

Now that we mention the Yankees, they are next in line to win the championship. Their World Series currently sit at +550. It looks like they will be reorganizing a bit via the free agency. Indeed, it will be an interesting season for them.

The teams that are right behind these two are The Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, who were in the 2020 World Series. But then again, anything can happen in the world of baseball.

As well as the outright winners, the ALCS and NLCS conference winners are also a very popular market, all of these initial odds can be found below.

Odds to Win the 2021 World Series

*As of January 18th, 2021

LA Dodgers+4509/2
NY Yankees+55011/2
San Diego Padres+8008/1
Chicago White Sox+9009/1
Atlanta Braves+110011/1
NY Mets+120012/1
Minnesota Twins+130013/1
Tampa Bay Rays+130013/1
Houston Astros+170017/1
Oakland A’s+170017/1
Cincinnati Reds+200020/1
Cleveland Indians+250025/1
Toronto Blue Jays+280028/1
Chicago Cubs+300030/1
St. Louis Cardinals+330033/1
Philadelphia Phillies+350035/1
Washington Nationals+350035/1
Los Angeles Angels+400040/1
Miami Marlins+500050/1
Milwaukee Brewers+450045/1
Boston Red Socks+500050/1
Arizona Diamondbacks+600060/1
San Francisco Giants+660066/1
Colorado Rockies+750075/1
Baltimore Orioles+800080/1
Seattle Mariners+800080/1
Texas Rangers+10000100/1
Detroit Tigers+10000100/1
Kansas City Royals+10000100/1
Pittsburgh Pirates+20000200/1


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2021 MLB Conference Championships Odds

Conference Odds are always lower than the odds on the same team to win the World Series. This makes sense because there are less teams to overcome in the conference and the likelihood of them winning it is much higher.

The MLB odds are pretty much different, but usually favorites will almost always be the same. The Dodgers are favorite to win their conference but with lower odds of +180. If you are confident that a team will do well next season but are unsure whether they have what it takes to go all the way, conference betting could be a great option.

Odds to Win 2021 ALCS Championship

NY Yankees+26011/4
Chicago White Sox+4004/1
Tampa Bay Rays+65013/2
Minnesota Twins+65013/2
Oakland A’s+85017/2
Houston Astros+85017/2
Cleveland Indians+125025/2
Toronto Blue Jays+170017/1
Los Angeles Angels+200020/1
Boston Red Sox+250025/1
Seattle Mariners+400040/1
Baltimore Orioles+400040/1
Kansas City Royals+500050/1
Detroit Tigers+500050/1
Texas Rangers+600060/1


Odds to Win 2021 NLCS Championship

Los Angeles Dodgers+2002/1
San Diego Padres+37575/2
Atlanta Braves+50050/1
New York Mets+55011/2
Cincinnati Reds+125025/2
Chicago Cubs+160016/1
Washington Nationals+180018/1
St. Louis Cardinals+180018/1
Philadelphia Phillies+180018/1
Milwaukee Brewers+250025/1
Miami Marlins+250025/1
Arizona Diamondbacks+330033/1
Colorado Rockies+400040/1
San Francisco Giants+400040/1
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000100/1


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