2021 World Series Betting Odds (March)

The 2021 MLB Season is about to kick off! Finally, a regular Baseball season will be played. After having to move the 2020 season for a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the league was able to get things back to its normal schedule. Spring training ended yesterday and there will be 15 opening day games played on April 1st. So there’s plenty to bet on that day.

Back in January, we checked the the latest World Series odds at the time. The Los Angeles Dodgers were on top of the sports betting odds, with the New York Yankees right behind them.

Has there been much change since then? That’s what we’re going to find out right now. Let’s take a closer look at the latest 2021 World Series betting odds just before the season starts on April 1st. Don’t forget to check for more MLB odds and lines at our online BTC sportsbook and gain more chances to win!

Odds to Win the 2021 World Series

*As of March 31st, 2021

LA Dodgers+3507/2
NY Yankees+55011/2
San Diego Padres+9009/1
Chicago White Sox+100010/1
Atlanta Braves+100010/1
NY Mets+100010/1
Minnesota Twins+130013/1
Toronto Blue Jays+160016/1
Tampa Bay Rays+170017/1
Oakland A’s+180018/1
Houston Astros+200020/1
St. Louis Cardinals+250025/1
Milwaukee Brewers+300030/1
Washington Nationals+300030/1
Cleveland Indians+330033/1
Philadelphia Phillies+350035/1
Cincinnati Reds+350035/1
Los Angeles Angels+400040/1
Chicago Cubs+400040/1
Boston Red Socks+550055/1
Miami Marlins+550080/1
Seattle Mariners+800080/1
Arizona Diamondbacks+800080/1
Detroit Tigers+10000100/1
Kansas City Royals+10000100/1
San Francisco Giants+10000100/1
Colorado Rockies+10000100/1
Baltimore Orioles+12500125/1
Texas Rangers+12500125/1
Pittsburgh Pirates+25000250/1


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There has been some major movements in the sportsbook odds since January.

The Favorites

The Los Angeles Dodgers have maintained their spot as favorites to win. Their performance during Spring training kept them at the top of the ladder. Plus, they signed NL Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer to their roster back in February. So this will definitely keep them up at the top of the MLB odds.

The New York Yankees are still in second place to win the 2021 World Series. They hope to prevent any more injuries this season, as they were bombarded with them last season. They could definitely bring some heat this time around and probably make it to the big game by the end of the season.

With the acquisition of Yu Darvish and Blake Snell as pitchers, the San Diego Padres could change the landscape this season. They’ve been rebuilding the team for some time. They also have Fernando Tatis Jr., who finished in fourth place in the NL MVP Award. This young prospect is one to keep your eye for in 2021.

Smart Picks

There’s plenty of cash moving in the Chicago White Sox camp. Adding new blood such as Lance Lynn to the roster will definitely bring an extra push with the current lineup. Michael Kopech will be back after opting out in 2020 and will be alongside Dylan Cease, both young players with talented arms. Watch out for this team.

The .832 team OPS and 103 home runs was one of the most impressive stats from the 2020 season for the Atlanta Braves. Even though they lost Mike Soroka very early in the season due to an Achilles injury, they still were able to show plenty of power with Max Fried and Ian Anderson stepping in. We can definitely expect a good performance from the Braves.

We could say that the Minnesota Twins excels real well in the bullpen. Their K:BB ratio came in at 5.07 for their top five relievers. They do need to step it up with their clutch hitting. But the have a solid offense that hits with force. This could could give the edge they’ve been searching for.

Long Shots

Finishing in second place of the AL East last season, the Toronto Blue Jays rose up in the 2021 World Series odds within the past couple of months. They’ve been adding a more youthful team, with players such as George Springer, Marcus Semien, Kirby Yates and Tyler Chatwood signing on to the team, they can definitely bring the Yankees some problems.

Another team that could be a shocker are the St. Louis Cardinals. They finished second in the NL Central in 2020. They’ve added Nolan Arenado to third base, where his .900-OPS could solidify the lineup even more. They can be a threat in the NL Central this time around. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The 2017 champs Houston Astros haven’t been back to the Fall Classic since that season. They have been to keep themselves in the playoffs, but failed to live up to expectations. They’ve also lost George Springer to the Blue Jays back in January. They still have a great team, though they need to get their act together if the ever want to make it again the World Series.