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2022-23 NBA Pacific Division Sleeper Picks

By Jeff Stinger

The Pacific Division is a tough place to be in as it hosts three NBA championship contenders. Phoenix won the division in the last two seasons and will force a third win despite a hurricane of drama surrounding team owner Robert Saver. Nevertheless, we look past the favorites of the group and give light to the sleeper of the packs. Let’s get in-depth with the top 2022-23 NBA Pacific Division Sleeper Pick, the Sacramento Kings.

Top Sleeper Picks to the NBA Pacific Division in the 2022-23 NBA Season

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Sacramento Kings

  • 2022-23 NBA Season Odds: +15000

The Sacramento Kings have gone through a series of disappointing seasons. Major changes in the franchise and multiple trips to the NBA Draft Lottery failed to shift the trend positively. It was the same for the Kings in 2021-22 as their streak of playoff absences extends to an all-time record of 16 seasons.

It was a predictable run for the team last year as they finished 12th in the Western Conference with a 30-52 record. Higher management decided to fire coach Luke Walton and give veteran lead assistant Alvin Gentry full control of the squad. With the losses still accordant, the Kings took a huge step forward into the trade deadline. Sacramento dealt one of its lottery pick flop with Marvin Bagley III sent to the Pistons. They also received key players from Milwaukee and Detroit. Moreover, the Kings traded second-year player Tyrese Haliburton, prolific scorer Buddy Hield, and veteran forward Tristan Thompson.

We’ve seen 11 coaches since the Kings’ playoff drought. They recently dismissed Gentry in favor of veteran coach Mike Brown who packs championship experience. Keegan Murray also joins the franchise as the No. 4 pick in the most recent NBA Draft. Additionally, De’Aaron Fox gets some backcourt leeway with Kevin Huerter moving from Atlanta to the Pacific Division.

The biggest question is if the Kings have enough in the tank to return to the postseason this time. Murray needs to show that he can become a franchise player. Fox needs to continue improving. Recent addition Domantas Sabonis needs to carry on with putting down All-Star numbers while elevating his teammates. And of course, Brown’s defensive expertise needs to translate to the squad at the right time.

On paper, the Kings are no longer an easy target and make for a proper 2022-23 NBA Pacific Division Sleeper Pick. Sacramento put together the right elements with a mix of young talent, a successful coach, and All-Star talent. But it’s a tall order to transform identity in a season.

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