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2022 Miami Dolphins Coaching Candidates

By Rex

Shocking news came out of the Miami Dolphins camp earlier this week, as the team announced that it would be parting ways with head coach Brian Flores after three seasons of relative mediocrity despite having huge winning potential in the near future. Flores’ firing now raises the question: who’s next in line to take over the Fins’ head-coaching job?

NitroBetting is ready to equip its bettors with knowledge on the latest developments approaching the 2022 NFL offseason. This time, let’s take a look at the top three head-coaching candidates who could be in charge of the Miami Dolphins entering this offseason, as well as how they might fit in the team’s current system.

3 Best 2022 NFL Season Miami Dolphins Coaching Candidates After Firing Mike Zimmer

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Jim Harbaugh – Michigan Wolverines head coach

One of the hottest names in the coaching carousel is none other than former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, who’s speculated to return to the pros after having his best season at the helm of his alma mater in Michigan.

Harbaugh has a brilliant mind and motivational skills that numerous NFL teams are clamoring for, and Miami should be no exception at that. Harbaugh won the 2011 NFL Coach of the Year award after turning around the Niners into a Super Bowl candidate in his first three seasons at the helm before things went sour between him and San Francisco’s front office. That being said, the Dolphins management should be aware of the possibility that Harbaugh will be tougher to contain behind the scenes than the outspoken Flores.

Eric Bieniemy – Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator

If the Dolphins are still intent on the development of young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, they’d best take a closer look at the hiring of Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, who’s been in talks of becoming an NFL head coach for the first time in his career over the past few seasons.

Being a defensive-minded coach, Miami appears to believe that Flores and his staff did not make enough of an effort in taking Tagovailoa to the next level, hence the rumors of trading for Deshaun Watson in the prior offseason. Bieniemy could certainly be the man for the job, as his fantastic work in turning Patrick Mahomes into a Hall-of-Fame-caliber QB garners a ton of attention across the league.

Byron Leftwich – Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator

The Dolphins don’t have to look that far to find another offensive coordinator ready to become an NFL head coach, as Tampa Bay’s Byron Leftwich can easily be reached just a few hours away.

Leftwich, who began his NFL playing career as a Jaguars QB, could very well complete his trek across Florida’s three franchises should he be hired for his stellar play-calling as recently seen in the Buccaneers’ title-winning run last season. However, the Dolphins also have to wonder how much of Tom Brady’s own brilliance consumes Leftwich’s apparent play-calling prowess on the sidelines.

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