2022 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team

By Hank Blaine

The 2022 NFL Preseason kicks off in earnest on Thursday, August 11. Starting on Thursday, every team in the NFL will play at least 3 games in preparation for the upcoming NFL season. Check out preseason predictions for every NFL squad.


AFC East

Buffalo Bills

The Bills could lose all 3 games. The offense and defense are set. So there’s no reason for Buffalo to play their starters, or even their backups, for more than a few series each game.

Miami Dolphins

Because the Dolphins have a new head coach, former San Francisco offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel, the Fins may play their starters on offense more than other teams. Expect at least 2 win and covers from the Dolphins.

New England Patriots

Like Miami, New England is instituting a new offensive system this season. So also like Miami, the Patriots should win at least 2 preseason games.

New York Jets

The Jets have a lot of new faces. Although that’s not a bad thing, it won’t lead to preseason games or covers against the spread. NYJ must get everyone on the same page instead of winning meaningless contests.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

Like Buffalo, Cincinnati’s starting lineups on both offense and defense are set. Joe Burrow may not play a single preseason down. So don’t expect the Bengals to win or cover.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are in a precarious position. Do they save starter Jacoby Brissett for the season? Or do they get him up to speed by playing him and risking injury? The guess here is that they save him for a season. It’s tough to predict what the Browns do this preseason. So we will go with a cover and two non-covers.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers should perform well this preaseason. The defense is deeper than many think. Also, Pittsburgh must play both Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett. So the Steelers will have a quarterback edge in every preseason game.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has some depth, but John Harbaugh may not play Lamar Jackson or backup quarterback Tyler Huntley much. 3 losses and 3 non-covers is possible.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan should get some playing time. He might play well enough for the Colts to win and cover at least 1 preseason game. If Indy keeps Ryan on the bench, the Colts can go 0-3 in the preseason.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars already lost the Hall of Fame Game. There’s a chance Pederson plays QB Trevor Lawrence for a single half during the preseason. If that happens, the Jags can lose every preseason game.

Houston Texans

The Texans don’t have much depth and Houston can’t take the chance of putting their starters in harm’s way. Expect a lousy preseason from the projected worst team in the NFL.

Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry may get a carry. He won’t get more than a few, for sure, because the Titans depend on the back so much. Tennessee’s preseason should be up and down. Maybe, a win and a couple of losses.

AFC West

Denver Broncos

New quarterback Russell Wilson should play a couple of series at least. When Wilson is on the field, the Broncos will have a significant edge. Denver is a solid club. So they should go 2-1 or possibly even 3-0 in the preaseason.

Los Angeles Chargers

Every team in the AFC West is deep. The Bolts are no exception. Expect a close to unbeatable preseason. Even the Chargers’ second team should handle their opponents.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders looked great in their 27-11 NFL Hall of Fame Game win over the Jaguars. We should expect more of the same from Josh McDaniels’ squad.

Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid doesn’t push his starters during the preseason. The Chiefs could luck their way into a win and cover, though, because KC is one of the most talented teams in the NFL.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott will want to develop his connection with new WR1 CeeDee Lamb even more. Keep that in mind when handicapping the Boys this preseason. 2 to 3 wins and covers is a possibility./p>

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles won’t want to put Jalen Hurts in harms way. But the Birds are breaking in a wide receiver in A.J. Brown. Jalen and A.J. developing a rapport is a must. So Philly could surprise with a couple of wins and covers.

New York Giants

The Giants are good enough to go undefeated during the preseason. New head coach Brian Daboll will want the players on offense to familiarize themselves with his offensive playbook.

Washington Commanders

The Commanders can either go 2-1 or 1-2. The guess here is that Washington goes 1-2.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

The Bears have a new head coach and a new offensive system. Quarterback Justin Fields requires plenty of game action. Chicago should go no worse than 2-1 during the preseason.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers won’t play a single down. Matt LaFleur will save Aaron for the regular season. So an 0-3 NFL preseason is possible.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are set on their starting lineups. Expect a pedestrian preseason where Minnesota doesn’t do much. 1-2 or 0-3 is the prediction.

Detroit Lions

Detroit figures to play Aidan Hutchinson in all three games. Hutchinson requires game time action to familiarize himself with the game pace in the NFL. Expect a good Lions’ preseason, at least a couple of wins and covers.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

The Southern Birds will find it difficult to keep up in preseason. The roster isn’t close to being as talented as most teams in the NFL. An 0-3 preseason is a possibility.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina coach Matt Ruhle will play either Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield in every preseason game. If Mayfield gets more playing time in a game, the Panthers will win. If Darnold gets more playing time, Carolina is likely to lose. Let’s go 2-1 because Ruhle is going to give Mayfield more reps.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady doesn’t have to play during the preseason. So Tampa may not win a game. 0-3, or 2-1, is likely for this Super Bowl contender.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints won’t play Jameis Winston much but Michael Thomas may see the field because he hasn’t played in a couple of seasons. The defense is deep. The Saints go 2-1.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

There’s no way the Cardinals take the chance that Kyler Murray gets hurt during the preseason. So expect Arizona to go 1-2 or maybe 0-3.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams won’t put Matthew Stafford or Aaron Donald in harms way in meaningless games. Like Arizona, the Rams can go 1-2 or 0-3.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle must play Geno Smith or Drew Lock in every preseason game. The Seahawks don’t have the luxury of leaning on a real starter, which means Seattle will go 2-1 or 3-0.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers break in a new starting quarterback in Trey Lance. Kyle Shanahan will play Lance for a few series. But he won’t take the chance on Trey getting hurt. San Francisco will finish either 2-1 or 1-2 this preseason.

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