2022 Valorant Champions Odds and Preview

By Jeff Stinger

One of the biggest first-person hero shooter titles to come out of the past few years has got to be Valorant; Riot Games’ answer to the uber-popular Blizzard video game franchise, Overwatch. Valorant’s viewer and player base alike has seen rapid growth in just two years, which makes the Valorant Championships 2022 one of the most anticipated Esports events on the calendar. Nitrobetting is here to upload chunks of data on the latest news and developments from the realm of Esports. This time, let’s take a closer look at the Valorant Champions 2022 tournament, as well as several odds for the teams who are in the running for the current season’s championship title.

2022 Valorant Champions 2022 Tournament Info

  • Where: Volkswagen Arena, Istanbul, Turkey
  • When: August 31 – September 18, 2022
  • Where to Watch: Twitch, YouTube (Valorant channels)

The Valorant Championships 2022 will take place in Istanbul and is the second season-ending tournament of Valorant’s young Esports life cycle. The first-ever Valorant Champions took place in Berlin last year, with the event seeing a peak of over one million concurrent viewers at the time of its broadcast. The group stage of the tournament will take place from August 31 to September 13 before the knockout stage begins on September 16.

Similar to its seven-digit view count, a massive prize pool worth $1 million was at stake during last year’s inaugural Valorant Championships. While the total payout for the Valorant Championships 2022 has yet to be confirmed, it’s safe to say that the Valorant Champions 2022 will have a similar if not bigger prize pool for all 16 competitors who made it to the final tournament of the season.

Teams to Follow in the Valorant Champions 2022 Tournament

As of this writing, China’s powerhouseFunplus Phoenix is the (+300) odds-on favorite to win the Valorant Champions 2022 title after a dominant showing at the 2022 Masters Copenhagen tournament. Texas-based OpTic Gaming isn’t far behind odds-wise as the (+400) co-favorite to win the tournament following a similarly impressive showing at the 2022 Masters Reykjavik.

Ascend, the first-ever Valorant Champions winner from the previous season, did not qualify for this year’s championship tourney. This means a new champion of Riot Games’ famed hero shooter will be crowned in 2022.

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*All stated odds are subject to change without prior notice.