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A Brief History of Nitro Survivor Contests

By Jeff Stinger

For over half a decade, Nitrobetting has been the leading source for sports betting using Bitcoin. A huge part of the site’s success can be attributed to its annual Nitro NFL Survivor Pools, which draws in thousands of participants yearly and with a good number of those entrants having reached the very end of their survivor pool for a massive winning haul.

With the 2022 NFL season just around the corner, now’s a great time to look back at the evolution of our Nitro Survivor contests and what’s in store for the near future of our survivor offerings that are sure to pack more Bitcoin value up for grabs than ever before.

The History of Nitro Survivor

Humble Beginnings

In 2016, Nitrobetting launched its first-ever Nitro NFL Survivor contests under the site’s former brand Nitrogen Sports. That year, seven buy-in survivor pools and one free-entry pool was created, as well as a special pool reserved for Reddit users. A total of 111,000 mBTC (~$64,000 at the time of conversion) was at stake that year, with the succeeding years seeing both increases in Bitcoin value as well as the number of survivor pools being offered by the site.

Nitrobetting added three more special freeroll survivor pools in 2017 by offering the contest to more social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nitrobetting’s in-house 24/7 chat client. By 2019, Nitrobetting had a total of 10 freeroll survivor pools and eight buy-in pools, with the combined prize purse amounting to a whopping 4,970,500 mBTC (~$470,000). 

Surviving and Winning During the Pandemic Period

While the entire world was undergoing a global transformation due to the COVID-19 outbreak, things over in the digital space were seeing a boom in value with a lot of people finally tapping into the cryptocurrency market, particularly Bitcoin. In turn, Nitrobetting’s user base grew at a rather alarming rate as well, which made for the best two seasons of Nitro Survivor contests to date.

Not only were the 2020 and 2021 NFL seasons two of the wildest seasons in recent football history, but the action over at Nitrobetting’s survivor pools was are heated and unpredictable as ever. With Bitcoin’s value at an all-time high, the 1,025,000 mBTC total prize still amounted to roughly ~$500,000.

The Future of Nitro Survivor

Considering the tremendous success of the Nitro NFL Survivor Pools, Nitrobetting is about to deliver even more survivor contests beginning in the middle of 2022. For starters, registered users can now partake in the exciting 2022 WNBA Nitro Survivor action whilst the upcoming NFL season is just gearing up.

The 2022 Nitro NFL Survivor contests also promise to be as big as they’ve ever been. The myriad of freeroll and buy-in pools to choose from will still be available like in previous years, but now there will be even larger Bitcoin prizes up for grabs than ever before! On top of that, NBA and NHL Nitro Survivor contests are also in the works, which means there’s more than enough survivor action to go around for not just the second half of the year, but also for the year 2023 and beyond! 

Stay tuned to Nitrobetting for the latest news and updates pertaining to everything about the site’s upcoming and ongoing Nitro Survivor contests!