Top 2022 NFL Running Back Picks

The 2022 NFL Draft is days away. It’s time to lock in the picks and make difficult decisions on where the prospects stand. This class features very interesting names. Each player brings value to certain teams and how they fit into specific systems.

Although the list packs more than five competent names, Nitrobetting focuses on the top running backs of the class. We dig a little deeper and give you a list of the top five prospects this year.

Top 5 Quarterbacks In 2022 NFL Draft

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5. Dameon Pierce

Florida senior running back Damon Pierce squeezes his way into our top five. He’s a pressing runner with snappy downfield speed and outstanding balance when contact happens. He has a good read on the field and reacts to block development fast enough to get out of sticky situations. Pierce encourages additional yardage through powerful and fluid movements.

Pierce delivered in his 2021 performance with 16 total touchdowns despite a low usage rate. He excels in any run-blocking strategy as a prospective starter or component of an RB duo. His physique is enough to get him in the professional league. The 22-year-old imposes himself on defenses through urgency. Additionally, his talent enables yardage and creates opportunities without dropping pace.

There are several areas of concern with Pierce. His relatively low number of carries per game could be alarming if it continues in the NFL. Pierce’s average escape speed out of the side door and a slightly hesitant chance-of-direction transitions need to be addressed as well.

4. Zamir White

Zamir White from Georgia is a naturally powerful running back with solid foundations. He is hard to knock off-balance regardless of how clean the hit is. While he is not as dynamic as the rest of the players on the list, he excels in multiple spectrums with lateral jump-cuts to escape tackles and power through. He is a wide-base runner who can find gaps and inside zone plays. Although his running style needs work to sustain a lengthy career, he needs to make adjustments to overshadow two ACL tears in his background.

White’s five-star physique is certain in the NFL. His leadership and love for physical games make him an exciting prospect. He processes movement and times cutbacks accordingly. On top of all that, he sports a good vision that unlocks routes to open fields once he reaches the second level.

His injuries remain a big question mark for scouts. Some of his weak points also highlight a slightly erratic running style and lack of creativity once he finds space. Nonetheless, White has all the tools to make it to the top five running backs in this year’s draft.

3. Isaiah Spiller

Isaiah Spiller is a junior running back for Texas A&M. The volume-carry running back brings in good size and talent for starting consideration in the league. He was held back multiple times by unstable blocking but remained productive towards the end of his 2021 run. Spiller boasts commendable interior vision, allowing him to find and take up run lanes regardless of traffic. He dwells on that approach, which can influence his finishing abilities. Regardless, he’s a solid running back in the class right now.

Among Spiller’s good traits is his ability to effectively read interior lane choices. He can shift his run to bypass roadblocks. Composure is also one of his commendable traits that will translate well to the NFL.

However, his running style lacks that spark and rhythm at times. This can also lead to ineffective movements getting into his cuts. If he can work on this under a system that fits his style, Spiller has the potential to become a solid starter early in his career.

2. Breece Hall

The man from Iowa State takes the list to the next level. Breece Hall has the size, power, and creativity to fit most systems in the league. Hall lacks sudden movements in tight areas but gets better as the run play moves forward. He possesses good vision and an impressive instinct for how to bypass second-level tacklers. He matches this with good build-up speed once he finds space on the field. He has a purposeful running style when called for.

Among Hall’s strengths includes the size of a high-volume back. He can collect touchdowns from all ranges, helping him finish his career with five touchdown runs of 75 yards or more. Good bend and balance help him sustain runs, while his arsenal of skills allows him to become a viable third-down option.

We would be hard-pressed to find Hall’s weaknesses, but there are a few areas he needs to deal with to become an elite running back. A slight delay in his initial read and runs that go against the pace could use work. But ultimately, he remains a frontrunner in this class of running backs.

1. Kenneth Walker III

Headlining the list is Michigan State junior Kenneth Walker III. He is a compact running back with a durable base. He can produce yards through snappy directional changes when run-blocking starts to thin out. Walker is a driven runner who has a more reactive personality. This takes him to a path of sudden rushing shifts, which could work as a plus for him. He can excel with a better-quality rush track and his explosive style could lead him to success as a future first-choice running back.

Walker has a long list of traits that make him a hot commodity. His compact and powerful frame can withstand a full workload. He can scan and pick up run lanes in a plethora of directions while maintaining fast feet in tight quarters. The 21-year-old is also a creative running back who can produce opportunities out of tough situations. Add to that the fact that he only recorded one fumble on 276 touches in his junior career.

Once Walker embraces an elite system that works with him, he can start to trust his teammates and become a more decisive runner. He can run with more control on the track and we expect him to thrive in the early stages of his NFL career.

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