Racebook Rebates

NitroBetting is proud to introduce our generous rebate program. Rebates are paid daily and there is no rollover requirement associated with the rebate.
Every day when you log into your account you will find up to 10% rebate on your exotic wagers (everything but win, place and show) for qualified tracks in your account. For straight wagers (win, place and show) you will find a 3% rebate in your account. Each day we will deposit the total rebate into your account for the preceding day of all qualified wagers, win or lose! The rebate table is listed below:

NitroBetting Daily Rebates

Track Type Straight Wagers Exotic Wagers
Category A 3% 10%
Category B 3% 8%
Category C 3% 5%
Category D No rebate No rebate
Category E No rebate No rebate
Harness No rebate No rebate
International No rebate No rebate

Rebates will only apply to bets placed via the horse-wagering portal. It does not apply to any horse matchups or bets placed through sports betting login.
Rebates are not available on wagers that are cancelled or returned due to scratch. There is no rebate available to Win, Place and Show tickets which pay m₿0.07389 up to $2.00 or less. Rebate bonuses will be paid out on a daily basis at 11:00 am EST, the latest.

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