The gridiron, the pig skin, the open field, the goalposts. It’s this an so much more. A game that has become popular in its own right and seen by millions of people around the world

Football, known as American Football as well, has been around for over a century. It originated in the U.S., evolving from sports like soccer and rugby. The first official game played was on November 6th, 1869, between Princeton and Rutgers. The current top professional league in the world is the National Football League (NFL).

The goal is to have the most points by the end of the game. Two teams of eleven players meet on a rectangular field with goalposts. One on offense, looking to advance to the other end of the field, the other on defense, looking to stop the opposing team. The offense has four plays to advance the ball at least ten yards to keep attempting to score. If they fail, the ball is turned over to the defense. Points are scored either by getting the ball into the other team’s end zone, which is what is known as a touchdown, or by scoring a field goal.

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