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How to Set Up 2FA at NitroBetting

By Carlos Chacon

Among the top priorities of Nitrobetting is its customers’ security and integrity, which is why we strongly endorse the use of a Two-Factor Authentication setup in accessing your account. But what is 2FA in the first place? Why do we want our clients to have one? We’re going step by step for you to add the Two-Factor Authentication to your Nitrobetting account.

What is 2FA?

In the digital age where almost all essential transactions happen online, securing access to our accounts on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops among others is of paramount importance. Although passwords provide a safety blanket, that’s not stopping malicious elements from trying to hurdle past it and steal information that can put your digital integrity at great risk.

Of course, changing passwords regularly helps in deterring potential attacks, but your accounts will be less vulnerable to hack attempts if you add a Two-Factor Authentication.

To provide air-tight security of your account at Nitrobetting, we want our customers to not only have a password but a 2FA code as well. 2FA adds another level of security to your account, which ensures that you are the only one capable of accessing your account.

Usually, an owner of any account online will be asked of at least one of the following: something they know (pin code password, security questions, etc.); something you have (a phone, credit card, etc.); and something you are (fingerprint, voice activation, etc.)

At Nitrobetting, we want you to have at least two of those three items before you gain access to your account. The more layer to your security, the safer your account is. If someone manages to guess your password, that person will still have to provide additional information before taking control of your account, which is largely why having a 2FA is highly recommended by Nitrobetting.

How to Set Up 2FA?

Setting up a 2FA is easy. Some people may shy away from having their own 2FA because it’s a new concept to them. They feel as though it requires an advanced understanding of a complex internet mechanism. That can’t be any further from the truth. In fact, you can have zero knowledge of what Two-Factor Authentication is and still make one in just under five minutes if you follow the steps below. But since you have read our earlier explanation of what 2FA is, setting up one should be even easier for you.

First Step: Download Google Authenticator

There are several 2FA apps out there, but Nitrobetting, encourages players to use Google Authenticator because of its simplicity. As a first step in securing a 2FA, you should download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. Whether you are using an android phone or iPhone, you will be able to get the app on it.

Second Step: Go to the account settings page

To get things going after downloading the Google Authenticator app, head over to your account’s settings page and put a username and password (if you haven’t yet), as the 2FA option won’t show up without them.

Third Step: Hook up your device with 2FA

Still on the accounts page, look for the 2FA section and hit the 2FA button. After that, a QR code will show up. Scan the QR code with your device to finish the process of pairing it with your Nitrobetting account. In case you can’t scan the QR code, just copy the code found on the QR code.

Fourth Step: Activate 2FA

To activate your 2FA, get the 6-digit key provided by your 2FA app and enter the code in the “One-Time Password” field found just below the QR Code. Afterward, hit the “Confirm OTP” button to finish the process.

With that, every login attempt by anyone on your Nitrobetting account will require a Google Authenticator (or the 2FA app you are using) code to go along with your username and password. This ensures the integrity of your account and completely removes any doubt that your account is at risk of getting hacked.

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