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Blackjack Tournament at NitroBetting: How to play and win

By Carlos Chacon

Along with Poker, Blackjack is one of the world’s most-played card games being a fast-paced and relatively skill-intensive experience that has kept fans coming back for more time and again.

NitroBetting now takes the action from the traditional casino floors to the online platform with Blackjack Tournament, where players can do battle against one another for a shot at even bigger bitcoin earnings apart from their winning hauls from the game proper. Here’s a brief overview of what one can expect from Blackjack Tournament.

What is Blackjack Tournament?

Blackjack tournament is an online tabletop card game created by Concept Gaming; the largest and most trusted game developer in the online casino industry.

In Blackjack Tournament, multiple players will go head-to-head against a common dealer whilst racing towards being the overall chip leader within a certain time limit. The players with the highest total winnings in a given tournament will earn additional prizes for being the best player on the field.

There are several tournament settings and variations for players to join and cater to their strengths in Blackjack. No-limit hands, number of maximum participants, and/or number of qualifying winners on the leaderboard are just several options to be had at Blackjack Tournament.

How does Blackjack Tournament work?

The ultimate goal in Blackjack is for a player to reach a hand value of 21 without going over that number whilst also having a higher number than that of the dealer’s hand.

The player and the dealer will each be dealt two cards apiece, with the dealer required to reveal the second card dealt face up for the table to see. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) have a default value of 10, whilst the value of Aces can either be worth 1 or 11.

Players have the option of drawing a card or “hitting” to increase the value of their current hand to try and get as close to 21 without going over that number, otherwise known as going “bust”. That being said, Aces are the most valuable cards in Blackjack, as one can hit the titular “Blackjack” hand by having an Ace and a 10-card or any one of the face cards in the opening hand.

Any combination of an Ace with a card with a value of 10 results in a total value of 21, which also leads to an instant win for the player. Players can also alter the value of an Ace card as they see fit depending on the situation. For instance: if a player would bust with an Ace in hand with an inherent value of 11, that Ace can also be lowered to a value of 1 in order for the player to hit or draw additional cards in another attempt to reach 21 with his/her given hand.

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Where can I play Blackjack Tournament?

Start playing Blackjack Tournament online here at NitroBetting. Creating a NitroBetting account is even faster and easier than picking up the basics of Blackjack itself. Sign up now for a chance to win tons of bitcoin from Blackjack Tournament and many more exciting online casino games here at NitroBetting!