Blood Money slot at NitroBetting: How to play and win

The most experienced casino enthusiasts know well that greatness can be had at any cost. That being said, online slots aficionados will find plenty to love from the sanguine reels of Blood Money slot.

Physical blood tributes won’t be necessary at all in Blood Money; NitroBetting’s latest online slots from its rapidly-expanding array of casino games. Read on for a brief overview of Blood Money before offering your time and experience in exchange for massive bitcoin wins.

What is Blood Money slot?

Developed by Concept Gaming, the industry’s most trusted online casino game developer, this game is a five-reel slot with three payout lines that is as simple as it is extremely engaging.

Apart from its simplicity compared to other online slots, Blood Money maximizes its potential for fun and winning rounds with a special feature that will surely keep even the most die-hard reel-spinners craving for more action. The eerie symbols coupled with the haunting soundtrack will also keep thrill-seekers on the edge of their seats.

How does Blood Money slot work?

This game has a unique mechanic in a coin flip round that triggers whenever the player matches three symbols on any of the five winning paylines. During this round, the player chooses between heads or tails.

A winning coin flip call will double the player’s current earnings from the given spin and has the option to repeat this process as many times as they choose. However, a losing call will end the coin flip round and reset the player’s winnings back to the current spin’s original payout value.

Where can I play Blood Money slot?

Start playing the Blood Money online slot at NitroBetting by clicking here. Sign up now for a chance to win tons of bitcoin from Blood Money and many more exciting online slots and tabletop casino games here at NitroBetting!