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Boxing Bitcoin Betting Guide

By Hank Blaine

There are some basic things to make note of before becoming lucrative with BTC betting. Having a strong idea of the types of bets available for boxing is essential.

Another obvious thing is to be very familiar with the boxing event you wish to bet on. Next, be sure to remain cognizant on value bets.

After all, it does no good to just throw your money anywhere with a purpose. Doing that will likely be a waste of your money.

Having a firm understanding about the types of bets available and the knowhow of how to bet on the boxing Bitcoin odds, your chances of winning increase significantly.

How to Bet on Boxing?

Luckily, it’s pretty easy since almost all the time we offer just a hand load of markets on BTC boxing odds.

However, they are all fun. Let’s check some out. 

Types of Boxing Bets

  • Outcome of the fight
  • Winner of the fight
  • Type of victory
  • Number of rounds
  • Scorecard totals

Outright Winner is the easiest, simplest bet, it’s basically betting on who you think will win the fight. This means any type of win, KO, point’s victory or the other player retiring early on.

Also, there is the winning method. Analyzing all the players’ previous fights can give you a goof idea of their most common form of win.

Number of rounds is also fun and it means exactly what it says. You have to place a bet on what total rounds you think the fight is going to have.

This works like the over/under of any other bet, they normally post a certain number of rounds, such as 7 or 8.5 rounds.

Similarly to the over under, there is the winning group of rounds. You bet on a group of rounds where you think the fight is going to end. Say 1-3, 6-8, for example.

To play it safe you can normally bet on the rounds later in the fight, that its, if there aren’t any heavy hitters, which you may know after proper research.

In addition to these most popular bets, you can bet on nearly anything from total number of punches connected, who lands the first punch, when the first knockdown occurs, among others.

With a wide variety of sportsbooks to consider, best to figure out what type of bet is your go to and match with the appropriate sportsbook.

Type of Events

There are three main classes in boxing (lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight), although numerous others exist such as featherweight, light-heavyweight, etc.

Bouts taken place over the course of the year are generally for championship titles. Once every four year the Olympic bouts are held.

Note if you choose to bet on the Olympics, you will need to act fast since fights take place frequently, as opposed to long time in between fights for the championship contenders.

General Boxing Betting Tactics

Make note of the styles of boxing for both fighters in the bout. Pay attention to the physical condition of the fighters particularly injuries or changes in weight from last fight.

Perhaps one boxer has more incentive to win compared to the other who is just looking for the big paycheck.

Check the tale of the tape to look for obvious advantages or disadvantages.  Any small bit of information leaning your bet one way or another could be enough to cash in.

Odds and Value Betting

The main idea in value betting is to determine which of your bets gives you a better chance of happening than the odds are indicating.

In addition, be sure to look at many sites when considering the lines. Which one will give you the best odds? Also, don’t always be quick at putting your full load of cash on the favorite.

The odds in such cases offer little reward should you win.

The main thing when boxing betting is to do your homework, analyzing all possibilities and place the bet where the odds seem likely to yield a profit.

Avoid Public Opinion

The best advice we have heard in our years of sportsbook experience is to bet against what people say.

Most of the time, the people have a tendency to bet way too much with their emotions and not with their head.

Picture it, don’t you love the underdogs? The comeback story? Or any romanticized dream that can hurt our wallets.

They are a real thing so be careful!

Don’t Bet Every Fight

We know it’s tempting to bet on all the fights during the night because it guarantees us action, we get you!

This is totally ok if you are playing for fun, but if you are not, it can get messy.

If you want to become a strategic, profitable bettor, we advise you to take your time and plan out your bets more carefully.

Sometimes the best financial decision is not even to place a wager at all.

Using Statistics in Your Betting Strategy

The next three boxing sites listed below are a great reference to assist you to do your research to get the most out of while betting btc on boxing.

Each is unique in its prestige and utility and each provides a top-notch quality service and assists in collecting the amount of information needed to place the best and most profitable wagers.


BoxRec shares its roles with Fight Fax in the US. It’s positioned as the best kept and most used resources in the boxing world, while being the official record keeper for the sport in Europe.


CompuBox tallies punch stats since 1985, partnered with HBO, ESPN and Showtime. The system includes two agents sitting ringside counting missed and landed punches.


BoxStat is the newest of the three in boxing stats, however their usage of modern metrics have them placed as one of the trusted stats site. Unlike CompuBox that have their agents sitting ringside, BoxStat from reviewing the fights after they are fought.


Finding the right fight to bet on is all about putting the work in. In the sections above, gives you a guide on where to find value and research.

The homework now it to apply all the knowledge on the betting table.

Next time you are see yourself getting ready to bet BTC on boxing, make sure you are asking yourself all the right questions on how the fight may play out.

Make sure you don’t just hop on board with what people think, as they average on not doing any research at all.

By understanding the stats and what type of motivation each fighter has, you are being a responsible and hopefully a profitable player.

As exciting as fighting is to watch, putting some action on it makes it a whole lot better!

Happy BTC Betting!