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Customer Support in Crypto Betting Platforms

By Hank Blaine

One of the reasons some sports bettors have yet to switch from an old-school online sportsbook to a crypto betting platform is because they’re worried about customer support. Crypto books often handle customer support differently than traditional sportsbooks.

There are reasons for the differentiated handling of customer support. Keep reading to discover why crypto sportsbooks have developed a customer support system that gives back to sports bettors.

A Closer Look at Customer Support for Crypto Betting

Crypto platforms always look to provide value to their customers, including in their CS systems

When a gambler opens an account on a crypto betting platform, they often must only provide an email address. The lack of traditional KYC protocols attached to most online non-crypto books is a way for bettors to keep most of their information private.

This idea of privacy, close to anonymity, is one of the key aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. So it makes sense that crypto betting platforms would adhere to privacy ideals. What this also means is that crypto betting platforms do not often provide phone numbers.

Instead, crypto platforms have robust Help Center pages as well as email systems and chat services that allow clients to contact customer service representatives.

Crypto betting platform customer service adds client value

By keeping overhead low, it takes a lot of money to run a full customer service center with individuals answering phone calls, crypto betting platforms can pass savings back to their customers.

The savings sports and casino players receive when betting on crypto platforms include:

  1. Better odds on sports bets and casino games
  2. Easy withdrawal and funding processes
  3. Zero fees, in many cases, to fund or withdrawal
  4. Exceptional non-invasive customer service

The top three on the list most of us understand. The fourth requires some explanation. We cannot expect to receive phone customer service from our sports betting platform of choice without providing a phone number.

Providing phone numbers to traditional online sportsbook platforms can lead to unwanted marketing messages and calls, including calls from tout service operators who wish to sell us

picks on sports games. Since crypto betting platforms don’t requires us to provide a phone number, their customer service is non-invasive.

Crypto betting platform customer service processes aren’t for every gambler. But if you are a sports or casino bettor that likes to keep your personal information to yourself, and take advantage of benefits crypto platforms provide, then consider switching your betting account from an old school online book and casino to a crypto betting sportsbook and casino.

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