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Effective NFL Bitcoin Betting Strategies

By Hank Blaine

The NFL is one of the most sought out BTC sportsbook odds in the world contrary to what people think. That’s why they have to keep their betting lines efficient and sharp or they risk breaking their bank.

Nevertheless, beating the NFL is possible and profitable if you understand the proven strategies.

This article isn’t the bible on becoming a profitable NFL Bitcoin betting guru, however it’s an excellent guide to understanding a bit more on how to notice opportunities on how to win more bets.

There are an endless number of strategies used to end up a winner when betting on NFL. We will take a look at some common theories and strategies that we think will help when betting with Bitcoin on Nitrobetting.eu.

Value Betting

Every week of the regular season, bookies put out many prop bets, over/under, favorite/underdog odds and much more. Be wise and know you aren’t required to be on every game or every prop.

Take your time to examine the NFL Bitcoin odds, do your homework and put your money down on the lines you determined give you the best chance of winning.

However do not fall in love with value. Betting the underdog surely pays off, but ask yourself, why are long NFL odds so long? Be sure you are knowing what you are doing when you pick a +750 bet on the underdog on the money line, because you can rest assured there was logic and data analysis behind the NFL odds.

Bounce-Back Theory

This theory takes into consideration the added motivation for a team that lost the previous week to get back on track to earn a win. Of course the weaker teams in the league will have a difficult time winning games, so this theory is generally only effective with solid teams.

Pay particular attention to normally good teams that got hammered the week before. More often than not they will cover or win outright the next game.

Also realize the time in the season, if this particular team that lost needs to win, the motivation grows and a loss is a reason more they have to win this next game.

Go With Veteran Teams Early in the Season

It’s tough to come out of the gate strong after playing little in the NFL Preseason. Therefore, take a look at the teams that have a slew of proven veterans who understand the importance of starting strong.

Also take into consideration teams with veteran coaches, even if the roster is young and not proven. These leaders have a knack of getting teams ready for the get go, making them solid bets early on.

We all know we love the veterans and they give us a sense of comfort and familiarity when it comes to betting. We often trust the “clutch” player that will take the lead on the winning game.

Sober NFL Betting

Might sound obvious, however there are thousands of bettors who tend to not pay attention to the week in week out of the NFL season.

Why do you think that Vegas gives out free drinks like tap water? Plain and simple, betting while drunk will break your bank. Please save the drinks for celebrating after betting with strategy.

Having a buzz while betting often leads to making you misconstrue stats and facts of the game that you are wagering on.

Being under the influence can cause a mistake that you wouldn’t have made sober. Those types of mistakes can lead you to bankruptcy.

Teams Coming Off Bye Week

Teams look forward to the bye week to get additional rest, bounce back from injuries and have overall rejuvenation of the mind and body. This often leads to very good playing in their next game. Be cautious when expecting a bye week miracle for the worst teams in the league.

A team that appeared to reverse a negative trend before the bye could benefit even more than an already solid team.

Take all this into consideration. You never know when a surprise like this one can come around the corner, don’t let it bite you.

Consider Home Underdogs Over Road Favorites

The general idea is that home teams have an advantage in NFL games and in fact, home underdogs have done exceptionally well in recent years.

Going back to 15 to 20 years ago, home underdogs covered nearly 2/3 of the time. If the road favorites are among the top teams in the NFL, go with them but otherwise be wary betting against the home underdog.

Some of the greatest moments in sports history have involved an underdog triumphing against a favorite but don’t get too excited when betting on them.

Totals Betting

When considering betting the over/under for an NFL game, that the average score for games has increased over recent seasons.

Note that the average total is in the 41 to 44 point range and statistically, games range from the mid 30’s to the mid 50’s. Anything above or below are unusual and considered outliers.

Consider the fact that many bettors go for the over, this makes the under that much or of an appealing bet.

Employ some or all of these strategies to vastly improve your chances of winning, increasing your enjoyment of betting NFL games.

Bet With Your Head

It may sound obvious, but using your heart to bet for thousands of bettors is a trend. We all have our favorites in our heart. Whether it’s one of our favorites or one we hate, putting these emotions aside isn’t an easy task.

But let’s think about it. Becoming a strategic NFL bettor is the end goal, right? So becoming more objective on Bitcoin betting will make you win more.

Cheering your favorite team with a bunch of friends is fun as hell, but if you are losing money while you do so, isn’t. So please take into consideration your biases and try to avoid the warm feeling while thinking about your favorite team when betting. It will just make you a better bettor.

To improve your chances of winning and increasing the thrill when betting on NFL please take into consideration these tips we have carefully provided for you.

No matter you get beat down in the beginning, remember to always have fun with all the action. Feel free to visit our online BTC Sportsbook with all the latest NFL odds.

And if you’re looking to learn more how to bet on other sports, be sure to check out our exclusive Nitrobetting Sports guides

Happy Bitcoin betting!

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