How Technology is Changing Sports Betting

By Hank Blaine

Technological advancements affect every industry, including sports betting. However, technological advancements in sports betting is quite different from what you might see in other industries. The reason? Sports betting requires both advancements in internal tech, how we wager and manage our betting dollars, and external, how we handicap and find winning games. Check out technological advancements in sports betting that are sure to change the way we play.

Top 4 Technological Advancements for Sports Betting

Bitcoin and behind the scenes blockchain technology

We should start with the most obvious and most important advancement, how we manage our betting dollars. When we wager in old school, traditional, currency like dollars we must often use a middle person.

In this case, that middle person is almost always a credit card company. However, when we wager in bitcoin, we use peer-to-peer, decentralized technology, that allows us to bet in mBTC, a thousandth of a bitcoin.

Bitcoin uses proof of work, which makes it ultra secure. Not only that, but advancements in blockchain technology, protocols like PraSaga have solved the trilemma – – a blockchain that’s decentralized, scalable, and maintains proof of work-like security, means advancements in bitcoin and blockchain betting will only increase.

Sports betting AI

We add a question mark to number two. Eventually, AI will get so advanced that an artificial intelligence program should allow sports bettors to quickly identify bets with the highest probabilities of scoring wins.

Ah, but what’s good for the sports bettor is good for the sportsbook. Sportsbooks won’t ever shut down wagers on AI driven bets one-hundred percent, but they may request a larger vig, more juice, to place bets on AI driven options.

So AI driven options may present a double-edged sword. All advancements in all technology isn’t always the best thing. Sharpening your handicapping skills will always be the best option to finding winning wagers because AI will never develop sports betting intuition.

Advancements in sports betting acceptance

Acceptance isn’t exactly a technological advancement. But it qualifies for this list because it’s a major advancement in online sports betting.

U.S.-based organizations like DraftKings and BetMGM have opened the door for sports betting as a viable, accepted, form of entertainment. However, organizations like DraftKings and BetMGM are running traditional operations, meaning they are as centralized as a brick and mortar Vegas sportsbook.

To get true decentralization, to have the power of a sports handicapper in your hands, you must use a bitcoin and blockchain sportsbook.

Props building and in-game betting tech

Online sportsbooks developed in-game betting and props building. As sports bettors, both have become ways for us to build our bottom lines.

Props building allows us to build personal props. To be clear, we can’t just build any prop we like. But we have more options to build winning props than we had before.

In-game betting means we can wager on games while they’re happening. Live betting is a great way to push on winning bets and to manage possible losing wagers. All sports bettors should be aware of these two advancements in sports betting tech.

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