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Innovative Features for the Modern Gambler

By Hank Blaine

As technology has advanced, so have sportsbook platforms. Today’s online sportsbooks offer vastly more than sportsbooks from even two years ago. Innovation won’t stop, which means tomorrow’s sportsbook will be even more advanced than the ones we use today.

The Evolution of Sportsbook Platforms

BTC, ETH, and other crypto based sportsbook platforms

Most online sportsbooks accept BTC and ETH. Some accept Ripple and even Solana. A lot of sports bettors prefer the anonymity they receive from cryptocurrencies.

Not only that, but modern gamblers are hesitant to pay for deposit fees. Using crypto instead of credit cards allows sports bettors to use the funds they save on fees to wager more.

Not only that, but depositing and withdrawing is often faster than dong so via a credit card or MoneyGram. So speed is another reason so many modern gamblers prefer to deposit with BTC or ETH.

Props building and intuitive live betting

Modern gamblers can use smart live betting software and build props they like. Many sportsbook platforms offer props building clients. All sports bettors must do is access the client, choose the prop they prefer, and then start building.

The innovation puts the power into sports bettors’ hands, which is something most handicappers relish.

When it comes to intuitive live betting, many sportsbook platforms provide video streams as well as game trackers. Video streams allow sports bettors to view events as they happen. Game trackers provide info that helps handicappers make winning bets.

AI prompt engineered options

Savvy software developers are hard at work creating AI prompt engineered software designed to help modern gamblers decide which bets to make.

AI can’t predict the future outcome of an event, but it can predict the probability of an event happening based on statistical information. Most sportsbook platforms have yet to adopt AI generated betting suggestions.

It’s going to happen whether sportsbooks offer the service to players or not. One thing that will always be in the sportsbooks favor is that they set the lines. So as handicappers we should prepare for the day when we see lines that account for AI prompt engineered betting options.

Low transaction or gas fees to allow for true Web3 sportsbook platforms

Protocols like PraSaga are working on object model based blockchains that ensure sportsbook platform and sportsbook customer security while also lowering gas fees. That will happen in the future.

So the modern gambler must keep an eye out for it. As of now, no blockchain knows how much gas fees will be for each gambling transaction, which is why sportsbook platforms are hesitant to go full on Web3.

But the day will soon be here when all sportsbooks are on a blockchain. When that day comes, you can be sure that PraSaga, or a protocol like it, has discovered how to lower gas fees without sacrificing safety and anonymity.

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