How to Bet on MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that has grown immensely during the last few years. It has been around for quite some time and has been manifested in different parts of history. Since ancient China and beyond, it has had different variations from various fighters. One fighter that many know, but didn’t correlate immediately to MMA was Bruce Lee and Jeet Kun Do, which was the martial art he practiced and had tendencies of different styles.

In modern day, the sport has become a phenomenon, creating different organizations with huge rosters of fighters in different weight categories. And it even expanded adding women to the sport, which wasn’t seen or common when it started. There are two organizations you will see the most when looking to bet Bitcoin on MMA.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an American mixed martial arts promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC is one of the most enthralling and zestful sports championships and the fact that makes it this magnificent and popular is the betting involved in it.

Bellator is the competition to UFC. Founded in 2008, it’s based in Santa Monica, California. It’s one of the largest combat sports promotions around the globe and second in the U.S., behind UFC. There are many more organizations, but these two are the most common you will see in MMA odds.

Experts not only from America but from various parts of the globe analyze the game and factors involved in it like the performance of various fighters, their chances of winning or losing, odds involved in the bet, payouts they can get if they invest, etc.

When I say expert I mean real sports geeks who have immense knowledge about the game, rules of the game, strength/weakness of the fighters, their fighting style (moves) not your buddy who watch the game while sitting on their comfortable couch criticizing the fighters and claiming to perform better than them.

But if you are a beginner and want to master the skills involved here are some points that can help you out while bet BTC on MMA.

Understanding MMA Odds

MMA provides various ways to place the bets on the player you like to place the right bet that can give you high payouts. It’s very important to understand the odds of the sport.

Fighter A (Favored)-150
Fighter B (Underdog)+125

In the above example, Fighter A is a favored player and his MMA odds are represented by (-) which means you have to place $150 to win $100 on the other hand an underdog is the player whose chances of winning are less and placing a bet on him is quite risky its odds are represented by (+) that means on betting $100 you will win $125.

Types of MMA Bets

You have learned how to read the MMA betting odds. Now, let’s look forward to various types of betting involved in the business. You can not only bet who wins the fight but also on how he wins. Let’s have a look:

Moneyline / Match Bets

It is one of the most basic bets and the simplest to understand. You just have to predict the winner of the fight. Moneylines tell you how much you will be paid for the correct pick, they can be represented by American odds, Decimal odds, or Fractional odds.

Round Bets

This type of bet allows you to wager when the fight will end. And if the fight with any chance ends in the given duration you win the bet.</p<>

Victory Bets

In this type of betting the result depends on which way the fight ends whether it’s a knockout or a draw or any other way. If you place your bets right you can earn a lot of profit.

Things to Keep in Mind While Betting on MMA

Here are a few tips to take into consideration when placing a bet on MMA:

Previous Records

Before placing bets on any fighter you should make sure that you have gone through his past matches and have a clear idea of his wins and defeats. This tells the probability of victory or loss in the future.


A professional bettor should have correct knowledge about the injuries of the player he is betting on as they decide the fitness of the player and hence the result of the fight.

Strengths and Shortcomings

A great bettor should know the area of strength and weakness of his player. This will help him to know the advantages and disadvantages his player has in front of the given opponent.


An MMA parlay is several bets on one ticket. An example is if you bet on the main event and the lesser card. Also, any MMA parlay can be combined with any other sports in our BTC sportsbook. Keep in mind, even the payout blinds you silly, if one wager in the parlay is a loss, its a full out bust.

MMA Betting Conclusion

Our goal was to make you an intelligent sports bettor and not just a fan. What’s important as a bettor is to make the right choice, place higher bets, and earn the maximum money of the fights.

Keep all the pros and cons of betting in your mind, keep yourself updated, and keep on acquiring new knowledge. Feel free to visit our news section for more betting guides, and when you are ready, don’t hesitate to visit for the best BTC sports betting odds.