NFL Offseason Bitcoin Betting Guide

Just because an NFL season has come to an end doesn’t mean that Bitcoin sports betting ceases as well. When the free agency period begins and the draft has been completed, a large number of future bets hit the board.

While it’s not best to go full throttle with offseason NFL betting, there are some strategies on how to bet on football. In this exclusive football betting guide, we will be focusing on the NFL Offseason and how to make good wagering decisions.

How Long is the NFL Offseason?

The NFL Offseason duration is around varied for every team. An offseason begins the moment the team has its final game of the season and goes into training camp until July. Fun fact, football is the only sport that has a longer drought than a season. From the end of the Super Bowl to the opening regular-season game, it’s around seven months of no football.

NFL Props

There is a seemingly endless number of prop bets made available from MVP odds, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, among others.

These bets are extremely difficult to win because of the numerous factors involved. But if you’re one that enjoys the prop bets, take note that it’s because to wait until late in the summer when NFL preseason is underway.

The rationale behind this is you are able to track player and team progression through camps, increasing your odds.

Regular Season Total Wins

A very popular and perhaps the easiest to cash in on is the regular-season win total.  By simply examining a team’s schedule and analyzing each matchup, knowledgeable bettors can get a good idea of how many total wins and losses a particular team will have for the entire season.

If your win total is significantly higher than that set by the bookie, go for the over. If it’s significantly less, hit the under. If it is right around the number, maybe best to check another team to bet on.

One factor to consider is that a very good team likely has a more difficult time to add wins than a very poor team.

A team on the rise over the past few seasons may increase win total, while a more dominant team in recent seasons could be on the verge of a slight decline.

Conference Winners

Picking conference winners is regarded as an easier task than selecting a Super Bowl champion. For one, the field is smaller in a conference championship pool since you are only selecting teams from a certain conference.

Avoid betting on this before the free agency and draft are complete. Waiting until later enables you to get a full picture of the teams.

The top teams are generally ones with a great quarterback, solid veterans, proven NFL coaches, and a defense that can shut down opponents in crucial situations.

Super Bowl Futures

Whenever a new Super Bowl champion has been crowned, you don’t have to wait for long before a new set of Super Bowl betting odds are released. Sportsbooks usually release just minutes after a Super Bowl has concluded.

You might have noticed as well that the most recent Super Bowl participants are normally installed as among the top favorites to win it all again. While it’s tempting to bet on those teams, you shouldn’t sleep on other squads that may have long odds to win a Super Bowl, but have the makeup of a potential contender.

What we’re saying is that, don’t easily fall in love with the favorites, especially if you haven’t done your own research.

Monitoring the NFL Offseason

The offseason presents a great opportunity to sit on the sidelines and see what a team does on their off time. This is a time where the team or rebuilds their roster, find those missing elements that lacked last season or completely re-structure their entire team, including coaches, general managers, and all.

This is very important, so our question is. Are you doing your homework and notes on what changes are going on? Do you even know what the last word on your favorite team is?

Free Agents

Starting in mid-March, there are approximately 500 free agents. Do you know which hotshot has changed teams?

Additionally, some teams got a big break with their new agents, while other teams got a lot worse with their departing free agent.

Do you know which teams were the lucky ones?


The NFL offseason represents a time of trades and sometimes very significant ones. In fact, sometimes trades could actually win a team a ticket to the Super Bowl.

Are you keeping track of who is getting traded and to what team?

Suspensions and Off-Field Issues

Have you been monitoring suspensions and off-field issues of last season’s players?

Are there any worrisome suspensions that affect early betting odds and a team’s chance of going far in the season?

There is always a funny feeling that when a player is suspended and has recurring issues, the mojo of the team dies down a bit and that can end up hurting the team and your pocket.


There are always retirements in the offseason. So it’s key to keep an eye on which players are retiring and how much it will affect their teams.

For example, a retirement can hugely affect an offensive line, which dictates the team’s plans and their on-field strategy and success.

Are you paying attention to important retirements?


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With new coaches, comes new schemes and philosophies. All the way from the emotional to the physical.

Knowing how a coach thinks and works is very important when handicapping a game.

Take notice and get to know the coach, and get familiar with their tendencies, strategies and who also very important, who they name to join him run the team.

Finally, there are several opportunities and choices while betting the offseason. Although it can be tough to predict these futures way before a season has started, if you follow our guide, you will have a ton of information on where to turn while setting your NFL offseason Bitcoin betting strategy.

More NFL content will be coming your way here at Nitrobetting news, so make sure to stay tuned for our latest articles.