How to Bet on NHL Futures

The Stanley Cup playoffs usually begin in April, but with the nature of the current season this is subject to change. You may bet on NHL futures at any point during the season, but with all futures there is a great deal less certainty prior to the start of the season, which results in better BTC sports betting odds and bigger profits.

But of course, with more uncertainty comes more risk, so waiting to see teams form before gambling can be beneficial, bit will result in a smaller profit, so it is a fine balancing act. Another caveat this year is the planned expansion to a colossal 24 team playoff which will see more teams with in with a chance later in the season, and therefore bigger NHL lines for every team, and bigger profits if you get it right.

The NHL is a notoriously unpredictable league when you compare it to other elite sports, so it is harder to predict and difficult to gamble on, but big sportsbook odds on big teams pull off upsets more often leaving the potential for big profit.

Understanding NHL Odds

NHL betting odds can look daunting when you first look at them, but they are really easy to get your head around once you get to grips with them. The best way to explain is through a few examples.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are +700 (7/1) – This means that you multiply your initial bet by 7 and add the original stake. So, if you bet $10 on them you will receive $70 plus the original $10, so $80 in total.

Likewise, the Dallas Stars are +2000. This means that you multiply your initial bet by 20 and add the original stake. So, if you bet $10 on them you will receive $200 plus the original $10, so $210 in total.

When the Stanley Cup playoffs commence, and especially later on in the competition, you may see NHL betting odds listed as negative instead of positive. Do not worry, you will not lose money betting on them it just means they are calculated slightly different.

For example, if the Tampa Bay Lightning change to -125 you would profit $1 for every $1.25 you wager, so if you bet $125 you would receive $225 back.

You can start to see how betting early can yield greater profits, but it also carries a greater risk, so it is a fine balancing act.

Other NHL Future Bets

There are other popular futures that feature objective outcomes, which always make it interesting but sometimes frustrating to bet on. For example, you can better on the winners of the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Conn Smyth Trophy which are awarded to the NHL regular season and NHL playoffs MVP winners, respectively.

This can be fun to bet on, but you can see how it can get frustrating if you believe the player you bet on deserves the award but someone else is given it.

Where to Bet

Ice Hockey is one of the biggest sports in North America and the NHL attracts audiences from all over the world. This means that wherever you are there will be plenty of sportsbooks who offer NHL Futures.

It is always recommended to shop around before betting on Futures because odds can vary between sportsbooks, so to maximize profits you need to find the right ones. Also if you are a fan of Bitcoin, don’t hesitate to visit our online Bitcoin sportsbook for the best, fresh sports betting odds on current and future events. Also in our Bitcoin casino, we are offering great free bet deals to get you through the door, which if you play your cards right can result in great profits.