A Guide to Winning Big in Crypto Poker Rooms

Bitcoin and other crypto poker tournaments have become the go-to choice for many players. One of the reasons is that the advantages of using BTC are the same as when playing sports or betting on the ponies. Anonymity, peer-to-peer security, and using a decentralized currency to play are some of the reasons we play poker with bitcoin instead of fiat currency. With that being said,… Read More

Enhance Your Winnings With’s Up to 35% Poker Rakeback Program

In the world of online poker, every player seeks out deals and promotions that will maximize their winnings. If you’re seeking an edge when it comes to winning money online, look no further than’s up to 35% Poker Rakeback program—an exceptional chance for players to increase profits while enjoying a thrilling poker experience! In this article, we’ll go into depth about this fascinating offer,… Read More

Get the Best Bang for Your BTC Buck with Nitro Poker Rakeback of up to 1 BTC Monthly!

Nitrobettors rejoice, as now you can get paid for simply playing poker at! Get the best bang for your BTC buck with our new Nitro Rakeback monthly promo. Starting June 1, 2023, we are giving rakeback to all active Nitro Poker players!  Nitrobetting is implementing a new monthly poker rakeback program designed to award our most loyal players. The more… Read More

Announcement: Lower Nitro Poker Rake and Poker Challenge Changes

True to form in giving all Nitro Poker players their best experience in our bitcoin poker rooms, Nitrobetting is now lowering its Poker rake – from Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em Pot Limit, Omaha, and Omaha PLO across all poker tables.  The new poker rake for two or more players will now be at 4%… Read More

The New Year Brings New Casino Games Here on Nitrobetting

We here at Nitrobetting always seek to kick the new year off with a bang. That being said, we’re proud to announce the latest wave of new casino games for our dedicated users to revel in.  There are nine (9) new casino games on Nitrobetting Casino; all courtesy of our respected online casino game developer partners over at Nucleus… Read More

Nitrobetting Withdrawals Now Require 2FA Activation

Nitrobetting users may notice something different when attempting to withdraw from their accounts. That is because Nitrobetting now requires players to activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) before completing a withdrawal. Nitrobetting aims to deliver the most secure Bitcoin betting experience on the web. As such, the Two-Factor Authentication guarantees the site’s users an added layer of protection, hence why Nitrobetting… Read More

Basic Online Poker Strategies

What makes online poker such a fun and interesting game to both play and watch is the level of strategy a player applies to his/her game with the luck factor thrown in for good measure. Online poker is an easy game to pick up and a hard game to master, especially with the competition getting stiffer as players develop their own skills. That being said,… Read More

Understanding Poker Hand Rankings

All variations of poker revolve around one universal rule: the hierarchy of winning hands in the game. We at Nitrobetting are here to assist players through our NitroBetting poker guides. Those who want to understand winning poker hand combinations, read on. We’ll discuss poker hand rankings in this quick guide, with the game’s winning hands ranked from highest to lowest value. Whether it’s the… Read More

Jacks or Better Strategy Guide

Video poker is game of knowledge, skill and basic mathematics. A Player with simple knowledge of poker or having zero knowledge of the poker can also play with little practice. The same goes for this variation called Jacks or Better. This can be played in our Nitrobetting BTC casino under the poker games tab. The card combination is the key… Read More