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A Guide to Winning Big in Crypto Poker Rooms

By Hank Blaine

Bitcoin and other crypto poker tournaments have become the go-to choice for many players. One of the reasons is that the advantages of using BTC are the same as when playing sports or betting on the ponies. Anonymity, peer-to-peer security, and using a decentralized currency to play are some of the reasons we play poker with bitcoin instead of fiat currency. With that being said, check out specifics we must know regarding crypto poker rooms that will allow us to win big.

How to Win Big In Crypto Poker Rooms

Know the crypto and the amount in dollars

When it comes to betting with bitcoin, most of the time our currency amount is in mBTC. For example, a single bitcoin on Sep 14, 2023, is $26,685. A single mBTC is $26.685.

We must realize the mBTC prices in dollars so that when we play our blinds we know exactly what it costs. Also, when we're at a table we must know how much we’re raising and whether to call or pass, etc.

Understand the different types of tables

  • Sit n go: Poker success requires knowing the type of tournament that we’re playing. Sit n go tournaments are exactly what they sound like. The World Series of Poker describes a sit n go tournament as playing in a multiple table tournament but every time we sit down at a sit n go table it’s as if were at the final table. Sit n go tournaments happen as long as enough players want to play. In bitcoin poker rooms, sit no go tournaments are by far the most popular because they often include six to nine players, require affordable blinds, and each tournament lasts about an hour.
  • Multiple table tournaments: MTT or multiple table tournaments are much larger events than sit n go tournaments. Multiple table tournaments are the type of tournaments were used to seeing at the World Series of Poker and other broadcast or streamed events. In MTT tournaments, multiple tables are set up in a room. Dealers stand at each table and mini-games happen at the table. The winner of the table moves to different, high-tournament tables during play. Eventually, the players who have had the most success end up at the final table. The final table is where the tournament crowns a champion. In poker, it’s always last person standing. So the player that knocks out all other players gets the top prize. Multiple table tournaments require commitment. In backroom multiple table tournaments, before poker became mainstream, legends like Phil Ivey used to simply outlast their competitors. One story goes that Ivey played for 72 straight hours without a break. He simply didn’t lose all of his poker chips until finally Ivey’s last opponent gave up. The opponent didn’t give up because the opponent didn’t have a good hand. He gave up because physically he couldn’t keep playing.
  • Guaranteed: Guaranteed or GTD poker room tournaments guarantee a prize pool. If the GTD on a touranament is $10,000, then the poker room will hand out $10,000 in winnings even if players don’t show up and put in the $10,000. Always see if a crypto tournament is GTD. If it’s guaranteed, and you have decent poker skills, consider playing.

Know the difference between bluffing and gamesmanship

Bluffing occurs in online poker rooms all the time. Poker players loved to bluff online because there are no physical tells.

Know the difference between bluffing and gamesmanship. Some poker players will goad extra action, especially in sit n go games, by employing gamesmanship.

Gamesmanship are aggressive tactics to get more money into poker pots. In sit n go games, because they only last an hour, players bet aggressively to get things going because the goal is different from in MTT tournaments where the idea is to survive.

Understand if players are bluffing or using gamesmanship. Doing so will give you an edge.

Become a bitcoin poker room master

Guaranteed poker tournaments attract good players. So make sure your skills are on par or you won’t last long.

It makes sense to hone your poker skills in bitcoin sit n go games before playing in higher-level multiple table tournaments and then looking to score big prizes in GTD tournaments.

Also, know the different goals for each tournament. If you play in an MTT, you have to be conservative because the idea is to survive and move on.

But if you’re in a sit n go tournament, you want to be more aggressive because games last an hour or so. Also, never forget that poker is a nuanced betting game, meaning it requires multiple skills to be successful and that’s no different if you’re playing with your friends at your dining room table or in a bitcoin crypto room.

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