N2 Corner

N2 Corner: Bitcoin’s Final Boss?

What an interesting couple of weeks in the banking and crypto world.  Apparently, the geniuses running the banks don’t understand what duration risk is.  But no need to worry; when the banks start blowing up, the money printer goes burr to bail them all out! This time, they are calling the money printer the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  A new name, but… Read More

N2 Corner: Super Bowl 57 Hype

Nitrobettors, As the big game approaches, I started to do a little reminiscing. Instead of some update on our progress or another sales pitch for the game, I’ll offer this. It’s simply a few fond memories from life in the gaming world that I’m guessing many folks can relate to. Ode to the game… The time I… Read More

N2 Corner: Responding to Your Concerns

Nitrobettors, First off, thank you all for the replies. I am amazed with just how many people provided feedback. I read every single email and reply, but as much as I would like to chat directly and contact each and every one of you directly, I have many other things that require my attention. As a compromise, you guys can expect… Read More

N2 Corner: The Beginning of Better Things to Come

Nitrobettors, I f**ked up. I had dreams of Nitrogen becoming the center of the world of crypto gaming and poker. Just a few years back we still appeared to be on that path. Through a series of missteps and failed projects we have fallen short of that ideal. Seeing another major failure a few years ago, I became such a pain… Read More