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N2 Corner: The Beginning of Better Things to Come

By N2


I f**ked up. I had dreams of Nitrogen becoming the center of the world of crypto gaming and poker. Just a few years back we still appeared to be on that path. Through a series of missteps and failed projects we have fallen short of that ideal. Seeing another major failure a few years ago, I became such a pain in the ass to everyone around me that I was asked to step back and let others run things. I took that option and hit my reset button to get my head straight after years of building Nitrogen. I was young, rich, and had no responsibilities. A dangerous combination.

For the next while, I had a sh*tload of fun and went full-out YOLO. The bad news: our platform stagnated. As of this year, I’m back with laser eyes, fully focused on turning Nitrobetting into the original dream of being the go-to destination for crypto fun. This will be the best place for punters to come and play in a hassle-free environment.

To start, I’m going to make sure we get the basics right. That means listening to what you guys have to say. Unfortunately, I have earned myself a lifetime ban from responding to support tickets (that was Athena’s doing). I will be reviewing tickets for the next month to see what you guys are saying about the platform. I may be able to sneak in a response or two but no guarantees. After this month, we are going heads down into build mode. This year is about getting back to innovation and crushing it as Nitrogen Sports did for our first six years in the space.

As for right now, we are committing to our basic strengths:

  • Industry-leading customer support from REAL human beings
  • Fast and hassle-free withdrawals
  • Competitive odds offering
  • Wide range of products

You crazy Nitrobettors that have stuck it out with us for the past nine years are truly the best. Now it’s on us to get our mojo back and start delivering the bad-ass, industry-leading service you know and expect from our nine years in the industry.



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