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N2 Corner: Responding to Your Concerns

By N2


First off, thank you all for the replies. I am amazed with just how many people provided feedback. I read every single email and reply, but as much as I would like to chat directly and contact each and every one of you directly, I have many other things that require my attention. As a compromise, you guys can expect this letter periodically going forward. The goal is to address your feedback, provide updates about the platform and share any platform notes that I feel are relevant.

On A Personal note…

Now there is one thing I forgot to mention in the first letter. I have been silent for some time, but coming back to this project has me energized beyond anything I would have imagined. I love this industry. Everyone knows the rules. Unlike finance or government, where the actions and true motives are almost always hidden, the rules are more clear in our industry: make good picks and you will win. Play your cards well and you can make some coin. That is it.

Some Nuts and Bolts

In regards to your responses, so many were spot on. A few were concerned about the language in the last email. I’m a passionate guy and we work in an environment where salty language is everywhere but that is not the standard we should live up to in a public environment. Going forward, do expect the language in this email to be more professional.

We did have a connection/login issue on mobile where you needed to re-login too often. This was identified and has been addressed. A fix is in place so your account should remain logged in for much longer. There’s a final solution being worked on so it’s not perfect yet, but it’s much better.

Two other major themes were about customer service and our rewards programs. Some of the feedback here was quite useful. I’m working with our customer support team on speeding things up on the withdrawals front along with the general procedure of the customer support replies. As for our rewards program, there are major things coming up. I won’t provide much details at this stage, but I can assure you that we’ll be making a major announcement in the next months.

Looking Ahead

Things here are turning around. Unlike Brady’s playoff run, we are just getting started on our efforts. From platform stability, security, customer service, trading, new features, and to our VIP program. It’s all going under the microscope. There are several awesome projects coming down the pipeline that has the team excited. Stay tuned.

By the way, we are enabling a channel for players who want to voice their opinion and provide feedback. This channel is not intended for customer support escalations, and you guys already have a direct line to our support team, so please make sure to use [email protected] for this purpose instead of replying to this email. I promise your comments will be reviewed and prioritized (but not replied to).

Happy punting!


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