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N2 Corner: Super Bowl 57 Hype

By N2


As the big game approaches, I started to do a little reminiscing. Instead of some update on our progress or another sales pitch for the game, I’ll offer this. It’s simply a few fond memories from life in the gaming world that I’m guessing many folks can relate to.

Ode to the game…

The time I learned how to play blackjack at six years old with my grandpa using pennies on the kitchen table.

The never ending poker games in the basement with Rounders on never ending repeat in the background.

The first trip to Vegas when you finally turn 21.

The never ending sound of chips shuffling in the poker room.

The craps dealer shouting “Hard eight, front line winner!” to a cheering table.

The stumble home with your mate as the sun comes up after playing five-dollar craps all night at the seediest casino on the strip.

The long school nights spent up until the wee hours of the morning chasing those final tables in the MTT’s.

Reading about Bitcoin in 2012 and thinking “Hmmm, that would be a good way to move money online.”

The night when you swear you will never bet on your team to cover a minus spread because even though your team won, you’re still a little pissed they didn’t cover.

The butterflies in your stomach the first time you sit for a WSOP event and hear the boss yell “Shuffle up and deal!”

The first Esports wager on a Starcraft 2 match only to watch the MMM Terran army stop my guys Zerg forces into dust.

The laughs shared when Christina Aguilera (obviously) goes way over on the SB anthem length.

And of course, that feeling of walking into a casino. The flashing slots, the layout design that makes the floor seem like it never ends, and the smell of carpet cleaner and old cigarettes to start your night of fun.

It’s all beautiful. It’s all weirdly sacred to me.

Happy punting on the big game.


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