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Samurai Gold Slot at NitroBetting: How to play and win

By Carlos Chacon

Japan is one of the most successful countries in the world for a reason, as the Japanese learned well from the principles of the Samurai. Improve your discipline and attain great financial honor in return with Samurai Gold, the latest addition to NitroBetting’s rapidly expanding collection of casino games.

Discover what Samurai Gold is all about with the quick guide below before unsheathing your sword and slicing your way past the competition in unearthing hidden troves of bitcoin in the Land of the Rising Sun.

What is Samurai Gold?

Developed by Concept Gaming, the most trusted and reliable developer of online casino games, Samurai Gold is a three-reel online slot with nine win-lines.

The simple build of Samurai Gold is a perfect entry point for beginners to online slots, while also providing enough depth with unique mechanics to keep more experienced players coming back for more. The game’s soothing soundtrack will also ensure that the flow of winning energy between Samurai Gold and the player is well-balanced to keep the action going for hours on end.

How does Samurai Gold work?

Gold-bordered symbols can be found anywhere on the reels, and matching three of these gold-bordered symbols (that don’t require to be identical) on the center payline will grant the player six free spins.

Apart from matching three of the same on the 3×3 reel’s usual paylines, Samurai Gold also has a diamond-shaped win-line to further enhance one’s strength. Matching four of any one symbol on the diamond payline will boost the multiplier reel’s value from x2 to x25.

Where can I play Samurai Gold?

Start playing the Samurai Gold online slot at NitroBetting by clicking here. Sign up now for a chance to win tons of bitcoin from Samurai Gold and many more exciting online slots and tabletop casino games here at NitroBetting!