Tennis Bitcoin Betting Tips

Many sports involve several factors when placing at bet, largely due to the fact that multiple players play roles in determining the result.

However, Bitcoin betting on a sport like tennis is great option for sports gambling.

A match simply depends on two players for singles and four players for doubles. Although simple in context, putting cash in your pocket consistently requires knowledge about the nuances of the game and the knack of tennis betting.

Specialization is the Key

Some bettors believe having a bit of knowledge about many betting techniques is a sure way to come out in the green. However, the opposite is generally the case.

They key is to really become an expert on a couple tactics and ride with that. Pay close attention to the events you have the most knowledge in.

If not, you may get very confused about sports betting lines, get lost in the shuffle and end up in the red.

Player Styles

Thanks to all this social media and content we have nowadays, we can now find footage of almost any game, player or tournament.

Once here, you have to take into consideration the service game and the return game.

Here you can quickly notice what type of player they are, a big server, baseliner, big forehand, strong returner, etc.

This is very useful tool, even more so when you are not familiar how a player acts in their game. Be curious about their playing style, motivation and rivalry also.

Understand Seeding’s and Rankings

The rankings of the top tennis players in the world are typically a result of performances in tournaments over the past year.

Pay close attention to those rankings during events, but mainly in major championship. Players entered in events are seeded and matchups are based off those seedings.

For example if 16 players are in an event, a number 1 seed will face a number 16 with middle seeds 8 and 9 squaring off.

Clearly the higher ranked players generally will come out on top, but don’t just automatically go with the favorites.

There are numerous factors that may lead to the underdog as a better pick, such as playing surface, nagging injuries, fatigue and history in the event.

The Hidden Value of Playing Surfaces and Conditions

Most of the top players in the word can adapt to any playing surface or condition. However, even those at the top may perform a bit better no grass than clay or hard surface.

Take note of a player’s record on the current surface recently and historically.

Similarly, make note that hard court tournaments are indoors, whereas clay and grass are outdoors.

Again, some players just have a certain comfort level indoors as opposed to outdoors or vice versa.

Taking time to compare records on various surfaces and conditions can go a long way to winning or losing bets.

There are four types of surface used in Tennis matches:

  • Clay Courts: Common in Europe and Latin America and the French Open uses them.
  • Grass Courts: The Wimbledon tournament is played on grass.
  • Hard Courts: The US and Australian Opens are played on Hard Courts.
  • Carpet Courts: Top tier doesn’t use them since 2009 but are used in ATP.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Do your research on the ATP or WTA to check out the head-to-head matches that you intend to bet on.

If they have played each other before, you can see how many times and their results, score lines and when they took place. Again, this is very important tool when betting on tennis.

Please remember that matchups shouldn’t be taken face value, you never know the motivation between opponents.

Pay Attention to Serving and Returning Skills

Perhaps more than anything else, these two factors are most important in determining the outcome of a match.

Even the very top servers and returners will have miscues, known as unforced errors.

But if a player has a large advantage in serving versus returning or vice versa, it will greatly shift odds in that player’s favor.

Therefore, check the official statistics for the players. If these are very close, the match likely will be tight and placing a bet may be no better than flipping a coin.

Also take notice of strengths with other strokes, such as forehand, backhand, lob shot and determine if that style fits well according to the playing surface.

Do your homework when analyzing head-to-head matchups and past results.

If you do that and follow the tips above, not only will you enjoy the action more but add some cash to your wallet in the process.

The Best Tennis Tournaments for BTC Betting

US Open

The US Open is a part of the Grand Slam event and it’s the last match.

It is played on hard courts and It starts on the last Monday of August and continues for 15 days.

The Prize money is over 50M USD. Single winners receive over $4M USD.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the event that opens the Grand Slam tournament.

In Australia, tennis is very popular and the streams, views of this event are breaking worldwide records.

This also has a huge compensation for the winners, topping over 4M AUS Dollars.

French Open

The French Open is the most important tennis tournament, and it’s played on clay!

It is the only Grand Slam tournament that’s is played on Clay.

The Roland Garros courts houses fans from around the world that come to watch the best tennis players.

The winner of this tournament is compensated over 2M EUR.


Taking the prize for the oldest Grand Slam tournament.

It is over 125 years old, founded in Wimbledon.

The tickets go fast though, royalty, celebrities and every common Joe try to take a peek at this thrilling tournament.

You can find all our tennis odds here.

Where Can I Bet on Tennis?

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Happy Bitcoin Betting!