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Top 10 Soccer Bitcoin Betting Tips

By Hank Blaine

Mostly because of the vast popularity of soccer worldwide, it’s the most bet sport across the globe. It’s also very easy to wager on soccer betting lines.

Despite the simplicity, your ultimate success will be determined by the methods you employ when betting. Here are the top 10 tactics to keep your soccer betting action cashing in regularly, especially if you are betting with Bitcoin.

Look For Both Teams to Score

With this bet, if both teams score during regulation time you win the bet. The concept is simple enough, but you must do your homework analyzing teams and look for high scoring attacks or teams with poor defenses.

Also consider games that are of vast importance for each team, making scoring paramount. Look at overall goals scored per game and goals allowed to help make your decision.

Half and Full Betting Tactic

Simply put, with this tactic you will be betting on who you think will lead at the half and end of regulation, also taking into account the possibility of a tie.

With several options to choose from, one of the best is pick a huge favorite for both the half and full. If they come through, you cash in on both bets.

The Bitcoin odds are generally great for these bets because of the nuisance of having to bet twice for a single game.

Underdog and Draw Tactic

Many beginner or recreational bettors automatically throw their money down on the favorites.

While it’s true that favorites win a large number of games, their soccer Bitcoin betting odds are low, resulting in small cash-in amounts.

If searching for a better value for your money, consider betting on the underdog to upset or for a draw.

This takes some analysis, looking for the underdogs that perform well in that role or teams the have a large percentage of games ending in a draw.

Without the required homework, you could end up losing a lot of money. But proper analysis can lead to big wins.

How About Doubling Your Chances?

With the game of soccer, draw occur at a relatively high rate, underdogs shock the soccer world, which means that favorites don’t come on top as consistently in other sports.

Fortunately for the soccer bettor, there is a double-chance that comes into play. You can pick a winner without specifying team, meaning basically you are betting that the game won’t be a draw.

Your other option is to choose a team to win or draw the match.The best time to use this tactic is when the game is much of a toss-up.

Goal Handicapping

This is the strategy that has the most risk/reward. Because soccer matches are generally low scoring, it’s difficult to cash in.

For example, if a team is a one goal favorite and you place a bet on that team, they have to win by at least two goals.

If you think the underdog has a shot and bet in that direction, then at worst the game must end in draw to cash in.

The good news that if you do your homework and come out on top, the payday will be excellent.

Spread Betting on Corners

Yeah, betting on corners may sound like a strange form of gambling. However, with the right strategy and statistics, there is profit to be made just by keeping note of how many corners a team receives or wins in the first half of the season.

Here are five factors that can be used to determine corners in a match:

  • Attacking tactics: Normally teams that have wide attacking strategies have a high corner count.
  • Weather: Windy weather increase corner counts and heavy loads of rain often reduce the count. It’s always a safe bet to check the weather before betting on the corners.
  • Clearing lines: Teams sometimes clear away the attack even if they have to concede a corner.
  • Defensive tactics: Some teams prefer to play the ball out of the penalty area before conceding a corner.

Accumulator Offers

This is when you select more than one match and place the wager on all of them. The odds on each selected are then multiplied, then is when you get the overall price.

Normally, there is no limit on the games you can wager on.

What people, bettors, do not know is that the bookmakers are way ahead of the game, these margins always tend to favor the sportsbook.

By then adding several matches in, the margins become larger and your overall chances to win become slim to none.

This is why many, unlike us, try to encourage bettors to bet on these accumulators. Don’t get me wrong, when you win, you win big!

One of the advantages is that you can normally get offered a refund of your stake if you only miss by one.

So please try to look for those types of offerings and promotions on our BTC promotion page.

Price Boosts

One of the bettors and sportsbooks favorites is the “Price Boost Promotion” on Soccer Matches.

Simply put, the Bitcoin odds you are given are enhanced for a limited time on a certain match. It could be the match winner, the first goal, or any other prop.

There are three Price boost promotions normally on the market which are:

Standard Price Boost

This is the most common and regular one you will see out there. Bookies offer this on straight bets as well as doubles and trebles. It normally covers every sport, even horses.

Super Price Boost

Certain books promote the “Super Price Boost”. This is the same however these have a maximum betting limit cap.

Free Pick Price Boost

Both above normally is a set standard on all sports and always there. However, these free picks are nearly on any sports and come few and far between. Keep an eye on this promotion because it doesn’t come much.

Refund Offers

Another popular promotion you will see is “refund offers”. As the name describes, instead of you losing it all, you will get to wager what you lost.

In certain cases that would be the classic soccer refund offer if a game finishes a tie 0-0.

A good amount of sportsbooks will give your money back if you placed a bet on another correct spread.

This is one of the most common scenarios when you get a refund offer, however, do expect it in many other games at our online BTC casino and Bitcoin sportsbook.

Using Poisson Distribution

This not so popular “poisson distribution” is a mathematical concept that uses all the data of a certain match to calculate the most likely score on any given day.

You have to come up with your own calculation based on each side’s Attack and Defense Strength to determine your “poisson values”.

The disadvantage of a Poisson distribution is that to determine your calculation, you have to leave out all the situational and contextual factors.

You know, all the human stuff we often tend to take into consideration. After all, this strategy is based almost completely on computer math equations.

Find the Strategy That Works Best for You

It’s key to understand that there is no soccer strategy that can guarantee a profit.

What is most important is that you take your time to investigate, note down, educate yourself, and become a more accurate and professional player.

These are the main components of being the best soccer bettor and beating the soccer betting systems. Find more information on Bitcoin sports betting odds or the latest news at our Nitrobetting News Blog.

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