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2021 MLB National League Pennant Sleeper Betting Picks

By Carlos Chacon

When you think of the top teams in the National League, you’d imagine the likes of the reigning MLB World Series champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers along with the San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves.

But baseball doesn’t always reward the favorites. How this sport determines its champion often defies logic and expectations, which is also among the many reasons why baseball is so alluring.

April couldn’t come any sooner, and that doesn’t stop us from getting an early look at the 2021 MLB National League Pennant futures odds and exciting teams to look forward to this season.

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Who Are the Top Sleepers to Win the 2021 MLB National League Pennant?

The race for the American League pennant this season is going to be interesting, as one team from each AL division made it to our list of sleeper candidates. Two of those teams won at least one World Series title over the past decade, so there’s definitely inherent value for the majority of our suggestions below.

Washington Nationals

  • 2021 MLB National League Pennant Odds: +1600

Looking at teams beyond the favorites, the Washington Nationals spring to mind. Surely, they have the right tools needed to win a title. Their training sessions look promising as the team’s pitchers and catchers start practice in West Palm Beach, Florida for Spring Training.

Quietly sitting at +1600 odds in 2021 MLB National League Pennant futures, the Nationals might just be able to make a breakthrough should everything come through for the team in the regular season.

Philadelphia Phillies

  • 2021 MLB National League Pennant Odds: +2000

Being unpredictable can be both a bad and a good thing, and it is the latter for the Phillies this season. The Phillies are currently priced +2000 in 2021 MLB National League Pennant futures odds. There’s plenty to love when looking at the team’s current roster, including a top-five scoring offense last year.

This can be used as a starting point for the GM to build around in. Combine this with a rotation that highlights Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, and they create additional firepower that makes them sleepers in the upcoming season.

San Francisco Giants

  • 2021 MLB National League Pennant Odds: +5000

By now, the magic of those even-year runs by the Giants feels like a distant memory. The Giants haven’t gone over .500 in a season since they won the World Series in 2016.

As San Francisco declined, the Los Angeles Dodgers have taken over the NL West while the San Diego Padres have become a major player in the division as well. But the Giants shouldn’t be counted out entirely to at least win their division.

While they haven’t made any splashy signings or trades so far in the offseason, they are locked in to have a full season of potential future superstar Joey Bart. Also, the likes Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, and Buster Posey can still produce with their bats, and who knows, if there’s another magic in this Giants team — albeit in an odd year.

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*All stated odds are subject to change without prior notice.