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2022 March Madness Must-Have Betting Tips

By Hank Blaine

March 13 is Selection Sunday. Then on March 15, the greatest tournament of the year for sports bettors tips off when the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament happens. Check out a list of the Top 3 Cinderellas, Top Sleepers, and Top 3 Bracket Busters.

Nitrobetting is ready to dish out some timely assists to our bettors all throughout the 2022 March Madness season. This time, we’ve come up with three cinderellas, sleepers and bracket busters to consider before the tournament kicks off.

7 Must-Have Betting Tips To Mastering 2022 March Madness Tournament

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Tip #1 – Make at least 2 moneyline bets on a 12-seed to beat a 5-seed

Last season, a single 12-seed, Oregon State, upset a 5-seed, Tennessee. But 12-UC-Santa Barbara came up a point short, 62 to 63, of tying 5-seed Creighton. In 2019, three 12-seeds upset 5-seeds. A good idea for this year’s tournament is to back a couple of 12-seeds on the moneyline. If you win 1-of-2, the profit should be well worth the risk.

Tip #2 – Back underdogs in the first and second rounds on the moneyline and to cover

By far, the most massive moneyline upsets happen in the first and second rounds. The first round could be a goldmine if you back the right 14-seed or 13-seed to win straight up. Also back dogs to cover the spread in the first two rounds. Oddsmakers don’t have as much information on mid-major teams like Longwood and Murray State. So teams like the Lancers and Racers can upset their more well-known opponents.

Tip #3 – Starting with the Sweet 16, back chalk to cover unless there’s an obvious reason not to

Up until the Sweet 16, underdogs rule against the spread. But once the tournament is down to the final 16 best teams, favorites begin to dominate. No doubt, some higher seeds will prevail. But, for the most part, 1-seeds, 2-seeds, and 3-seeds roll in the Sweet 16.

Tip #4 – Defense rules in the NCAA Tournament. So consider backing unders before overs

Defensive teams, like Baylor last season, almost always play well in the NCAA Tournament. You must have a decent offense for sure. But in most games, the team with the better defense prevails ATS, which means unders are usually a better bet than overs.

Tip #5 – Look for overlays just like you would betting on any basketball game

Overlays is always, it doesn’t matter the sport, the name of the game. You can only profit if you bet on overlays. So look for value.

Tip #6 – When deciding on your Final Four, include just one team that’s a 3-seed or higher. Load your Final Four with 2-seeds and 1-seeds

1-seeds and 2-seeds dominate Final Four brackets. 1-seeds, especially, have become difficult to beat. A 3-seed or higher will sneak into the Final Four. But it doesn’t happen every season and when it does happen, it’s usually a single 3-seed or higher. So when filling out your bracket concentrate on 1-seeds and 2-seeds to make the Final Four.

Tip #7 – Choose a 1-seed to win the National Championship

1-seeds are 23-13 in the National Championship game. A 1-seed has won the last 4 NCAA Tournaments. Villanova is the last non-1 seeded team to win the Big Dance. Nova’s victory happened in 2016. When Jay Wright’s squad won the tournament in 2018, they were a 1-seed. Virginia in 2019 was a 1. Baylor won it last year as a 1. North Carolina won the 2017 NCAA Tournament as a 1-seed.

When it comes to the Final Four Championship, 1-seeds rule. Don’t overthink it. Choose a 1- seed to win this season’s NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. The trend, though, say a 1-seed wins the title. Don’t go against the trend.

This is just one of the many sports betting guides that you can read here at Nitrobetting news. Stay tuned for more NCAAB game previews and articles and don’t forget to check out the latest Basketball betting odds on the sportsbook.

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