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2024 March Madness Handicapping Tips

By Hank Blaine

The madness of March of almost here. On Tuesday, March 19 the NCAA Men’s Tournament tipswhen the First Four games happen. From March 19 to April 8, the most frenetic sports tournament of the year takes place. Betting on NCAA Tournament games willy nilly without a plan is a recipe for disaster, which is why in this blog, we list top handicapping tips to get you started. Check out top handicapping tips for the 2024 College Basketball Championship.

Expert Handicapping Betting Tips for the 2024 March Madness Tournament

When betting futures, consider teams from the NCAA Tournament Top 16

There are a couple of rules regarding choosing the winner of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. First, North Carolina, Connecticut, Kansas, Duke, and Villanova have won the title every season since 2014 save for twice when Virginia and Baylor cut down the nets.

So start your handicapping by deciding if you like UConn, the Jayhawks, the Dookies, or North Carolin to win the title since Villanova probably won’t make the tournament.

Second, check out the NCAA Tournament Top 16. The NCAA released their Top 16 the other day. If you don’t like aforementioned four teams to win the title, choose a squad from the Top 16.

Look for moneyline upsets in the first and second rounds, but not in the Sweet 16

If you want to bet moneyline underdogs, do so in the first and second rounds. Especially do so against Connecticut, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina. Those four teams are likely to make it to the Elite Eight this season based on past history.

But teams like Arizona, Purdue, Marquette, Tennessee, Baylor, and Houston could be prime for early round upsets. You must handicap, of course, but after handicapping if you think Arizona’s second round opponent can knock them out, go for it.

Bet on underdogs to cover the spread up until the Elite Eight

Underdogs can cover spreads all the way up until the Elite Eight. Once we get to the Elite Eight, it’s rare, maybe 1 of 7 underdog teams, that covers the spread.

The reason is that by the time we get to the Elite Eight fatigue kicks in. Quality squads from Power 5 Conferences with deep benches and NCAA Tournament experienced coaches prepare their teams better for the Elite Eight.

Favored teams often perform best in the Elite Eight and Final Four

Speaking of favored teams, it’s best to go chalky once we reach the Elite Eight and Final Four. Often, a 1 or 2 seed wins the tournament.

Usually, Cinderella’s run ends in the Sweet 16. It rarely, almost never, gets to Final Four. So think favored squads once the tournament reaches the Elite Eight.

Don’t chase the dog, meaning if teams like Arizona and UConn are dominating, they’re likely going to win and cover

It’s important not to chase the dog. Chasing dog means we’re always looking for the NCAA Tournament moneyline upset to shock the world. Or we’re always backing the dog to cover no matter the opponent.

If a squad like Kansas, or Connecticut, or Arizona, are routing their opponents, don’t chase the dog in the next game. Back the favorite to cover.

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