Things To Know About Before the 2022 Pro Bowl

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The Pro Bowl was used to be held after the Super Bowl. This event features the best of the best in the league gathering in Hawaii for the yearly all-star event. The year 2010 introduced several major changes for the Pro Bowl. Its schedule saw the biggest update. The Pro Bowl has been moved a week before the Super Bowl since 2021. However, this also took a toll on player participation, a new Pro Bowl “draft” format, and changing venues annually.

NitroBetting goes over five things to know about the 2022 Pro Bowl down below.

Five Things to Know About the 2022 Pro Bowl

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Coin Toss

The team head coach or captain of the visiting team gets to call “heads” or “tails” during the coin toss, and the winner gets to pick between the two choices:

  • Spot: Place the ball on the field for the first play of the first quarter, including the appointment of direction OR.
  • Choose: Get a chance to start on offense or defense from the opposing team’s assigned spot or direction.

Ultimately, this means there will be no kickoff come Sunday night. This “Spot and Choose” method originates from the Competition Committee in 2021 by the Baltimore Ravens. Player safety has always been on top of the list and this rule could eventually carry over for all NFL games in the foreseeable future.

Sibling Rivalry

The star siblings face each other for the first time in the Pro Bowl. Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs is known for his risk-taking moves, which may or may not play well against the Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Stefon Diggs. Both players had impressive seasons for their respective teams. However, the year emphasized Trevon’s improvements. He recorded 11 interceptions in the season, which matched a record that stood for 40 years. This is bigger news than the career-high 10 touchdowns Stefon produced in 2021. Any passes thrown their way are often collected. We anticipate significant participation from the Diggs brothers on Sunday.

The Deebo Show

The San Francisco 49ers were recently eliminated from the playoffs after losing to the LA Rams by three points. Meanwhile, the LA Rams move on to the Super Bowl and are -204 to win the Championship title. It was a tough loss for the Niners, who have plenty of questions to answer in the offseason. Starting wide receiver Deebo Samuel takes part in this year’s Pro Bowl. His relentless performance this season makes us look forward to his appearance.

The 26-year-old became the first player in NFL history to surpass 1,400 receiving yards and 300 rushing yards in a single season. More than that, Deebo gets involved in everything. He can work his way around the best defenders and remains lethal with every touch he makes. His work ethic and skill make him an exciting player to watch in an all-star scenario.

Super Bowl Conflict

The Bengals will enter their final game of the season as underdogs with +173 odds to win the title. This means they need all the help they can get to try and edge out their opponents. Several players from both sides opted out due to the upcoming Super Bowl LVI happening on Sunday night, February 13, 2022. The following players will not participate this weekend:

Cincinnati Bengals

  • RB Joe Mixon replaced by Steelers RB Najee Harris
  • WR Ja’Marr Chas replaced by the Steelers WR Diontae Johnson
  • DE Trey Hendrickson

Los Angeles Rams

  • WR Cooper Kupp replaced by the Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb
  • DT Aaron Donald replaced by the Buccaneers DT Vita Vea
  • CB Jalen Ramsey replaced by the Panthers CB Stephon Gilmore
  • K Matt Gay replaced by the Eagles K Jake Elliott

How to Watch the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl

Last year’s Pro Bowl was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the event takes place in Las Vegas, which will host the game for the first time. Four consecutive Pro Bowls were hosted by Orlando at the Camping World Stadium before Las Vegas claimed the game for 2020. This was moved to 2021 since its cancellation last year.

The game is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, 2022. The kick-off is at 3 P.M ET at the Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas. You can catch the games on the following channels: ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ABC.

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