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2022 NBA Championship Odds Update & Midseason Betting Predictions

By Hank Blaine

Heading into the second half of the season, the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Brooklyn Nets remain the top three choices to win the NBA Finals. The Suns are the outright first choice, the Warriors are the second choice while the Nets have fallen off to become the third choice. Check out updated 2022 NBA Championship odds, our top three choices, the biggest underlay and the biggest overlay.

Odds to Win 2022 NBA Championship

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*As of February 15th, 2022

  • Phoenix Suns +425
  • Brooklyn Nets +500
  • Golden State Warriors +550
  • Milwaukee Bucks +550
  • Philadelphia 76ers +650
  • Miami Heat +1100
  • Utah Jazz +1200
  • Los Angeles Lakers +2200
  • Memphis Grizzlies +2200
  • Denver Nuggets +2500
  • Chicago Bulls +2800
  • Dallas Mavericks +3300
  • Boston Celtics +3300
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +4500
  • Toronto Raptors +5000
  • Los Angeles Clippers +6000
  • Atlanta Hawks +7000
  • Minnesota Wimberwolves +8000
  • Charlotte Hornets +10000
  • New York Knicks +12500
  • New Orleans Pelicans +20000
  • Portland Trail Blazers +25000
  • Sacramento Kings +25000
  • San Antonio Spurs +25000
  • Washington Wizards +35000
  • Indiana Pacers +50000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +50000
  • Houston Rockets +100000
  • Orland Magic +400000
  • Detroit Pistons +400000

Top Choice to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

Yes, the Suns are the chalk. But no team has displayed as much dominance as the Phoenix Suns. On Feb. 13, Devin Booker, Chris Paul and their teammates had a 46-10 record. The Suns were 9-1 in their last 10 games and had built a 4.5 game lead over the Golden State Warriors for the best record in the NBA.

Phoenix is loaded and if anything, the Suns are playing better this season than they did last season when they fell to the Bucks in the NBA Finals. That experience should help Phoenix grab rings in 2022.

Second Top Choice to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

A lot of NBA experts expect the Heat to implode. Those expecting that are in for a long wait. Miami is one of the few teams with a Top 5 point-guard in Kyle Lowry, a Top 5 overall player inJimmy Butler, and a Top 5 big man in Bam Adebayo.

The Heat boast the Eastern Conference’s best record. Even if the Heat don’t win home court advantage throughout the playoffs, they’ll be tough to beat because Miami can lean on Adebayo, Butler, or Lowry depending on the situation.

Third Top Choice to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

The defending champions have yet to play their best basketball. The switch figures to turn on soon. One of the problems is that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton have missed games during the season. It’s rare to see the two stars on the same court at the same time.

But even with injuries, the Bucks are just 2 games behind the Heat for the best record in the conference. Milwaukee should have a terrific second half. So if Giannis and his crew secure home court throughout the playoffs, it shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Best Underlay Pick to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

Yes, Philadelphia acquired James Harden, but here’s the issue. Harden has almost never been one-hundred percent copasetic with the team’s other superstar. In this case, not being copasetic with Joel Embiid, not working the rock into Big Joel, will lead to Philadelphia losses. The Sixers wanted something in return for disgruntled Ben Simmons. What they got is a great player, but one who really messes up Philly’s chemistry.

Best Overlay Pick to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

The Celtics head into the all-star break on fire. As of Feb. 13, Boston had won 10-of-11. The Celtics now rank second in field goal percentage allowed, 43%, seventh in 3-point percentage allowed, 33.7%, and fourth in points allowed per, 103.6.

The nucleus, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford, play as well together as any other four starters in the league. Last week, Boston acquired Daniel Theis to bolster the front court. Watch out for Boston in the second half of the season.

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*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.