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What’s the Best Super Bowl 56 Betting Strategy?

By Hank Blaine

The two weeks between the NFL Conference Championships and the Super Bowl provides handicappers plenty of time to dissect every possible angle regarding both teams. But although most professional players prefer to wait to make their Super Bowl bets, is it always a good strategy to sit on your hands? Or should you bet on the Lombardi Trophy game early? Check out reasons why you should consider backing a team early, reasons to wait, and the bottom line regarding this season’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 56 Betting Strategies

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Why bet Super Bowl 56 early?

The reason to bet early should be obvious. Let’s say you believe the Rams are a lock to beat the Cincinnati Bengals because a) they beat the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and b) they play in their stadium. Those are just a couple of reasons why someone would want to bet on the Rams. So if you like the Rams, the best idea is to grab the -4 as soon as you can unless you believe you will be in the minority.

Same goes for if you like the Bengals. If you believe pros start dumping on Cincinnati in the week before the Super Bowl, you want to grab the +4 as soon as possible. Odds aren’t the only reason to bet early. If you think Cincinnati wins on the moneyline and you believe the Bengals get hot, grab the current ML odds.

Why bet Super Bowl 56 late?

Pros often wait until the day of to lay their bets. The reason is because professional football handicappers only make value plays. So if the public boosts the Rams to -4.5 favoritism, a handicapper who liked the Rams might put money on the Bengals because their fair odds said to bet the Rams at -4 or less.

A player who likes the Bengals might play Cincinnati at +4, but might not back Cincy at +3.5 and almost certainly wouldn’t back the Bengals at +3. The pro approach is to make value plays regardless of the team. A casual player’s approach is to bet on the team they like to cover the spread.

Bottom Line Suggestion – Decide on Your Overall Super Bowl Strategy First

Depending on your strategy, you may want to bet early or you may want to bet late. If your strategy is to go value first, like most professional handicappers, then you want to wait until the public money changes the odds.

At that point, you bet on the team that offers the most value. It could be either the Bengals or the Rams. But if you want to take the team approach, which is what most casual player do, there’s no harm in betting early.

If you really believe like most people in Los Angeles that the Rams squash the Bengals, grab the -4. If you believe like most in Cincinnati do that the Bengals dominate the Rams, bet the Cincy moneyline as early as possible.

So if you like the team, bet on the team. But if you like the pro approach, wait until February 13. Just know that if you take the pro approach, you should be thinking about the spread and which side of the spread offers value. You shouldn’t be thinking about which team will or won’t cover the spread. Decide on value or team and then make your bet early or late depending on the decision.

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