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Damian Lillard Trade Rumors

By Jeff Stinger

There are a few players that draw attention in the offseason. These are names usually hot commodities in trade rumors. One of the biggest stars to hit the headlines is Portland Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard. The seven-time All-Star is about to hit 33-year-old and remains an elite player.

However, many think that the Oakland-born guard is about to hit past his prime. Dame wants to be an NBA Champion before he hangs his jersey and was reportedly disappointed with Portland’s decision to use the No. 3 pick on Scoot Henderson instead of using it as leverage to acquire a veteran.

With storylines flying left and right, we take a look at several possibilities for the 2018 All-NBA First Team player below.

A Closer Look at the Stories Around Damian Lillard’s Trade

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Time to Move On for Dame?

Multiple sources say that nothing changed about Lillard’s desire to work alongside high-level players that would make the franchise championship contenders. Portland General Manager Joe Cronin sat with Lillard earlier this week to discuss his future with the team. The official left the meeting promising to build a winning team around the Blazers’ biggest star.

The plan, for now at least, is to keep Dame in the lineup. While that could change at any point in the offseason, the franchise is open to all options for now. They don’t want to trade him, but if Lillard requests a move to another organization, Portland is likely to honor his request.

The Blazers need to go all out if they want to keep Lillard happy in the Western Conference. He stands tall as Portland’s focal point for a few more seasons. Cronin can’t be guaranteed of getting another key man in a trade, and the team has yet to learn the potential behind Henderson and 2023 23rd overall pick Kris Murray.

However, Portland could lose trade leverage if they come out of the blue and make Lillard available to the market–this could indicate a fractured relationship and that the 32-year-old guard sees his future elsewhere. Ultimately, rebuilding around the Weber State product would be simpler without him in the picture. For that to be an option, the Blazers have to find a good compromise for both parties.

Convincing the team’s biggest star is not too complicated for the Lillard-Blazers narrative to stay afloat. Reports say that Lillard is not looking to restructure the roster. He simply wants a list that can provide a solid postseason run. Hence, the Trail Blazers don’t have to court superstars in free agency or make huge moves this offseason to show Lillard they are serious.

Meeting with Four-time Champion Draymond Green

Draymond Green and Damian Lillard are rumored to meet just before the NBA free agency window opens. Green was mentioned as a solid addition to the Portland Trail Blazers crew ahead of free agency. Both Lillard and Green’s futures are uncertain before the 2023-24 NBA season kicks off. Lillard remains the talk of the town, with the Miami Heat consistently listed as a potential destination for him. Meanwhile, Green just turned down a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors.

Green is an enticing prospect for any team looking for veteran leadership and a consistent defensive presence. He is a reliable playmaker as well. A return to the Dubs is a possibility, but Green is open to outside offers now.

Nothing is written on paper as of this writing. Damian Lillard, together with Draymond Green, are both under the microscope heading into free agency. If the Blazers don’t show Lillard they want to win, the star guard could end up asking for a trade. However, if their meeting means the Michigan-born forward is willing to suit up in a red and black jersey, this will certainly catch the attention of all Blazers’ fans.

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