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Early 2022 World Series Odds

By Hank Blaine

Shine hasn’t worn off on the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series trophy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to the 2022 Fall Classic. Early odds indicate that next year the Los Angeles Dodgers bounce back with a World Series victory. After the Dodgers, oddsmakers believe the Braves and Astros have the best chances to win the MLB Championship. Check out current 2022 World Series odds to win next year along with an odds analysis.

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Odds to Win the 2022 World Series

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +500
  • Atlanta Braves +1000
  • Houston Astros +1000
  • Chicago White Sox +1200
  • New York Yankees +1200
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1200
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1400
  • San Diego Padres +1400
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1400
  • Boston Red Sox +1800
  • New York Mets +1800
  • San Francisco Giants +2000
  • St. Louis Cardinals +3000
  • Cincinnati Reds +4000
  • Detroit Tigers +4000
  • Kansas City Royals +4000
  • Oakland Athletics +4000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +4000
  • Seattle Mariners +4000
  • Los Angeles Angels +5000
  • Cleveland Indians +5000
  • Colorado Rockies +6000
  • Miami Marlins +6000
  • Washington Nationals +6000
  • Minnesota Twins +8000
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +10000
  • Baltimore Orioles +10000
  • Chicago Cubs +10000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +10000
  • Texas Rangers +10000

Do the Dodgers offer overlay or underlay odds to win the 2022 World Series?

At +500, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a massive underlay to win the 2022 World Series. No team should offer such low odds to win the title. The Dodgers, especially, shouldn’t offer 5-to-1 odds. Why? Few teams have the potential to look as different in 2022 than they did in 2021. LAD is likely to lose Clayton Kershaw.

Max Scherzer is also a free agent. Scherzer’s market value is over $35.56 million per year, meaning some team is going to bite and force Scherzer to make a decision on whether he wishes to stay in Los Angeles or make a killing playing somewhere else.

Kenley Jansen is a free agent. So are Chris Taylor and so is Corey Seeger, whose market value is over $31.88 million per year. It’s unlikely the Dodgers keep their core together. If they can’t, then LAD may have trouble making the playoffs.

Which team between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves offers fairer odds?

Houston may lose Zack Greinke. But Justin Verlander should come back one-hundred percent from the injury that kept him from playing a single inning in 2021. The only other Houston free agent worth noting is Carlos Correa. It’s likely Correa resigns with the Stros just because he’s comfortable with the organization.

Atlanta must resign Freddie Freeman, Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario and Joc Pederson. Not only that, but winning back-to-back World Series is rare, making Houston the better play.

What team between +1400 and +2000 odds have the best chances of winning the World Series?

If Boston can resign Kyle Schwarber, they should have a chance to again make the postseason. The key will be if Chris Sale starts throwing like his old, dominating, self. The Red Sox could try and go for one of the Dodgers pitchers, maybe even Max Scherzer. That would definitely help the cause. Right now, the Red Sox are one of the best plays on the board.

Are there any underdogs with odds from +3000 to +5000 which can win the Fall Classic?

St. Louis should keep most of their players. So the Cardinals are definitely worth a look.

On the high-end of this odds range, the Los Angeles Angels appear poised to take the next step. Joe Maddon had the Halos playing well in spots this season. Maddon must find a second ace to pair with Shohei Ohtani. Jose Suarez threw okay last season. But Suarez may not be ready to serve as the second ace. If the Angels add a major arm to the rotation, LAA will have a chance to make the postseason.

Name the the best longshot at odds of +6000 or higher that can take the 2022 World Series?

Without a doubt, the Washington Nationals are the team to consider. The Nats rank eleventh in MLB in 2022 total cash. Not only that, but Washington will keep most of their good players and ace Stephen Strasburg should be healthy. If Strasburg returns to form and D.C. adds a solid second starter, the Nationals could improve enough to challenge for the NL East Division crown.

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*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.