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History of Worst MLB Blowouts

By Hank Blaine

On June 25, while facing the Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Angels took a 23-0 lead after just four innings. The blowout victory by LAA was so magnificent that it made the list of worst MLB blowouts in history. Check out the eight game list from least worst to absolute worst.

A Closer Look at the Biggest Blowouts in MLB History

Cincinnati Reds 26 – Boston Rustlers 3 – June 4, 1911

Thirteen Cincinnati Reds players entered the game versus the Boston Rustlers. Amazingly, all thirteen players that entered scored, which is a record that stands today.

New York Yankees 25 – Philadelphia Athletics 2 – May 24, 1936

The 1936 Yankees boasted four hall of fame players, including Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig. However, neither Gehrig nor DiMaggio accounted for the lopsided victory over the Athletics. Tony Lazzeri went 4-of-5 with three home runs and batted in 11 RBIs.

Cleveland Indians 26 – St. Louis Browns 3 – August 12, 1948

Believe it or not, even though Cleveland beat the Browns 26-3, hall of fame pitcher Bob Feller got the save. Feller pitched the final three innings.

Chicago White Sox 29 – Kansas City Athletics 6 – April 23, 1955

The score ended up White Sox 29 and Athletics 6. But the game was over well before the ninth inning. By the second, Chicago had built an 11-3 lead.

Los Angeles Angels 24 – Colorado Rockies 1 – June 25, 2023

Angels versus Rockies, which happened days ago, makes the list. The Halos called off the scoring machine after the 23-0 lead. If LAA had pushed, who knows?

Maybe the Angels would have made it to the top of the MLB blowout mountain. In any case, the Rockies may want to start developing starters and relievers after this debacle of a loss.

Cleveland Indians 27 – Boston Red Sox 3 – July 7, 1923

Lefty O’Doul won batting titles in 1932 and 1939. But before becoming a feared hitter in the National League, O’Doul was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. In the blowout loss to Cleveland, O’Doul entered the game down 0-8 and then gave up 16 runs in 3 innings.

Boston Red Sox 29 – St. Louis Browns 4 – June 8, 1950

Bobby Doer hit three home runs. Wally Dropo hit two home runs. Ted Williams hit two home runs. That’s how the Red Sox blasted the Browns by 25.

Texas Rangers 30 – Baltimore Orioles 3 – August 22, 2007

It’s difficult to believe but the Rangers were down 0-3 entering the fourth inning. Somehow, Baltimore not only blew a 3-0 lead, but the Rangers managed the worst, or greatest depending on your point-of-view, blowout victory in MLB history.

What’s crazy is that Texas’ eighth and ninth hitters, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ramon Vazquez, both hit two home runs and drove in seven runs. So 16-of-30 runs came from the bottom of Texas’ lineup.

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