Paris to Boycott 2022 FIFA World Cup Broadcast

By Jeff Stinger

Paris stands with other French cities that vowed to hold back broadcasting matches on giant screens in fan zones. This move is in line with concerns over rights violations of migrant workers and the environmental consequences of the tournament in Qatar.

A growing concern for the 2022 tournament hosts

Support from officials

Deputy mayor of Paris that handles sports, Pierre Rabadan, shared with reporters their decision against public broadcasting of matches. This is attributable to the conditions of the organization of this World Cup, highlighting environmental and social levels.

In an interview, Rabadan said with France Blue Paris that “air-conditioned stadiums” and the “conditions in which these facilities have been built are to be questioned.”

The former international rugby union player stressed that Paris is not boycotting the event itself but clarified that Qatar’s model of holding big events goes against what the 2024 Olympics host wants to uphold.

Human rights matters

This is a huge undertaking for the city due to its local club, Paris Saint-Germain, operating under Qatar Sports Investments ownership. Rabdan did explain that they have constructive relations with the owners and it doesn’t prevent them from taking a stand.

An increasing list of French cities is refusing to broadcast games and put up screens to protest Qatar’s human rights record.

Strasbourg’s mayor, the northeast seat of the European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights, abstracted human rights abuses and exploitation of migrant workers in the host country as the grounds for prohibiting public broadcasts of the global event.

In a statement, Jeanne Barseghian said that “It’s impossible for us to ignore the many warnings of abuse and exploitation of migrant workers by non-governmental organizations. We cannot condone these abuses, we cannot turn a blind eye when human rights are violated.”

She added, “While climate change is a palpable reality, with fires and droughts and other disasters, organising a soccer tournament in the desert defies common sense and amounts to an ecological disaster.”

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