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The Wizards Look Into A Rui Hachimura Trade

By Jeff Stinger

There are roughly two weeks before the NBA Trade Deadline, and the talks involve the Washington Wizards exploring possible scenarios for Rui Hachimura.

Washington disappointed fans and bettors this season. After a strong and healthy start to the season, the franchise quickly dropped the ball and is now part of the Eastern Conference button four. With the fast-approaching trade deadline, the team needs to make major moves concerning some of their big-name players.

It looked like Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis are the only two Wizards core players on borrowed time with free agency coming for both this offseason. They are the prime trade candidates given the circumstances, however, Washington has been firm in their stand as buyrs and against breaking up the duo. This brought up strong indications of the squad’s plans heading into the offseason.

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Rui Hachimura’s future with the Wizards

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Trade or no trade

If the Wizards end up sending Hachimura the other way, that encourages the side to throw their resources into trying to keep Kuzma and Porzingis. While that could end up being more demanding than it sounds, the franchise is anticipated to go that way to build on the duo and hope for better production next year.

While Kristaps and Kuzma will look into its suitors on top of a struggling season, it would not be surprising if they opt to find a different team soon. At the same time, if the Wizards do get a deal first with Hachimura, they have to be sure that they can sign the pair of Porzingis and Kuzma or at least one of the two. At the very least, it should be an interesting few weeks.

The longer the Wizards go down this stretch of bad results, the more encouraged the team will be to make a huge move. This will surely impact how the front office decides on the trade deadline. But, if the team is open to trading Hachimura, it indicates significant changes to the team’s system. It begs the question of what comes next for the franchise.

Three possible destinations for Hachimura

Many lined up the best possible trade destinations for the forward. The first team in play is the struggling Phoenix Suns. The franchise is in dire need of help without Booker on the floor and has constant issues with the rest of the supporting cast. There is a quality player within Hachimura that could fix everything, which could benefit the 24-year-old for the better. Surrounding him with a healthy, winning environment might just be what he needs to step up.

Another team that could greatly utilize Hachimura’s talent is the Hornets. After losing Miles Bridges, the squad immensely felt the need for another scoring threat. With LaMelo’s injury problems, the situation is worse for the franchise. If the Toyama, Japan-born player can bridge this gap in their lineup, there’s no question that he can find a place in the starting lineup of Charlotte.

Last but not least are the San Antonio Spurs. Although the franchise has yet to be linked in trade deals this season in a more moving manner, they are putting draft capital ahead of acquiring established players. But that’s not to say that the 24-year-old forward has no place in coach Pop’s squad. For the right price, he could turn heads in the Spurs’ front office.

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