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Nitro NFL Survivor Contests Guide

By Jeff Stinger

For 18 glorious weeks of pigskin action, the NFL regular season is one heart-pumping thrill ride that football fans will never miss out on, especially when there’s more at stake other than their favorite team’s glory. One popular pastime that fans participate in during the NFL regular season is the NFL Survivor campaign, where a pool of players put their prediction skills to the test for a shot at a grand prize at the end of a given regular season.

We here at Nitrobetting can’t get enough of the NFL Survivor fever ourselves; so much so that we’ve been holding our own Nitro NFL Survivor contests for years. We welcome all Nitrobetting users to partake in the Nitro NFL Survivor experience every season, and this here guide should get beginners and intrigued parties more interested in NFL Survivor while also improving their chances to win massive Bitcoin prizes in the process.

How to Play Nitro NFL Survivor

The goal in NFL Survivor contests is to outlast every other in your survivor pool by making timely winning predictions as the NFL regular season goes along. Simply predict which one team will win its matchup in a given week and live to fight another day in your survivor pool. If the team you predicted to win loses or ends the game, your NFL Survivor run ends.

However, the one catch in NFL Survivor that makes the campaign even more fascinating and skill-intensive is that once you pick a certain team to win in a given week, you can no longer select that team for the rest of your survivor campaign. In turn, picking the right team to win at the right moment is the key to success in NFL Survivor.

The survivor(s) who made correct predictions all the way until the final week of the NFL regular season wins the prize from the survivor pool.

Our Exclusive Nitro NFL Survivor Pools

We understand how frustrating it could be for one to be hyped all off-season long for the next NFL Survivor campaign only to be eliminated within the first three weeks of the season due to a massive upset or simply a bad beat. That said, several of our Nitro NFL Survivor Pools allow for multiple entries in a pool, meaning players can diversify their weekly picks while not being threatened by an early elimination like in single-pick survivor pools.

Not only that, but Nitrobetting has close to a dozen public and private Nitro NFL Survivor Pools to choose from in a given NFL season. From high-roller pools with massive Bitcoin prizes on the line to low-stakes pools for thrill-seekers and novices (and even a couple of free-entry pools available for all users), Nitrobetting has you covered when it comes to the ultimate online NFL Survivor experience using Bitcoin!

Click here for the complete rules and FAQs of our Nitro NFL Survivor contests.

Tips and Strategies for NFL Survivor Beginners

Don’t go with what’s obvious early in the survivor campaign

Just because the team won a Super Bowl or made a deep playoff run the previous season doesn’t mean that they’re easy survivor locks in the first few weeks of the following season. These title-contending teams are best saving toward the latter half of the season when they’ve proven to still be contenders by mid-season. Rather, examine which mid-tier teams have very favorable matchups against bottom-dwelling teams in the first couple of weeks. Not only will you save the better-performing teams as picks deeper into your survivor run, but you can also get a better feel of how teams are doing to start the new season as a basis for your future predictions without losing the upside of keeping proven contenders in your back pocket.

Matchup knowledge is king

Sometimes, mediocrity is good enough in NFL Survivor if a given week calls for the moment. There are 32 teams in the NFL and 18 weeks of regular-season action. This means more than half of the league’s teams must be picked in your survivor run, including the average to below-average teams. This goes in line with our earlier tip that mid-tier teams are great picks to win early in the season in matchups against the worst teams in the league. On the contrary, one shouldn’t pick a proven playoff contender to win a matchup against a bottom-five team as that win is almost a given. Meanwhile, a 3-3 team has just about the same odds of beating that 0-6 team in any other week. Plotting out which matchups yield the best odds of winning that week while not spending too much capital on the surefire winners is a critical balancing act for a deep and methodical strategy to becoming the ultimate survivor.

Keep a finger on the NFL’s pulse

Knowing more than what’s seen on the gridiron is key to making better predictions in your survivor campaign. Is one team dealing with tons of injuries? Did a star player run into the law at an unfortunate time? Are there sudden coaching changes that made the team better or worse? Does one team have a favorable head-to-head record against its opponent regardless of their current records? These are questions that can easily be answered by keeping a close eye on the happenings around the NFL. Not only will the knowledge of off-field activities benefit your survivor game, but it will also enhance your football fandom by knowing more about the ins and outs of the sport beyond mere stats and numbers.

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